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Micro Internships are BACK!

Greetings, fellow community members!

The Micro Internships are BACK from January 29 - May 10, 2024! Bowie State University (BSU's) is trying to make this the largest cohort of participants!

Following the success of the micro-internships in the summer of 2023, thanks to your efforts and key contributors, including @gfam @helenatude @jasperv @patrickrahy, we are once again going to open a pathway from community collaborations and student contributions.

Last year, over 20 students participated in the program focusing on enhancing skills in UI/UX, Project Management, Software Engineering, research, and digital finance. This year, we're looking to expand the reach and impact even further by going beyond BSU's campus - @carolyn_malachi (I'm thinking about Howard University Students) and ideally global (hint: Cape Town this message is for you too :))

If we spoke at the summit, expect a direct message (hint hint @tani and @uchibeke) seeking to find win-win real-world experiences on impactful projects with community members, project teams, and champions. These projects offer a chance to work on various projects chosen by Interledger Community entities that help build inclusive and open solutions.

I've reached out to 1200 undergraduate and graduate students who want experience in the open web, open payments, cross-boarder asset exchanges, and general interest in supporting digital finance and inclusivity regardless of major and are eager to learn and contribute. The only requirement for application is that students complete a simple form that shares information about Interledger and outlines potential opportunities to match students (

How can you help?

  • People and businesses who have a micro internship in mind. I'd love to tell you more and support you. We are looking for projects that perhaps you want a different perspective, one that you've been wanting to do but don't have time, or you just want to mentor students. We can work together to refine any idea, and I'll be there to support the onboarding and mentoring of students
  • Community members who have ideas of impact. How can students help build the community? What projects could benefit from a little love an attention?
  • Students looking to explore open payments, open web, and open protocols who want to support underbanked as well as working with historically marginalized groups. Regardless of your abilities, if you want to help, we want you to feel welcome and supported.

Let's make the Spring 2024 Microinternships bigger, bolder, and more impactful!

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Patrick Rahy

Great! Kult is open. Our project (ILP-PIX digital wallet) could make good use of the internships. There are a lot of fields where we see students fitting in. We’ll contact you soon Andrew :)

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Great news Andrew! Happy to help again in whatever capacity you think is useful.