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The Back to School Round-Up Post!

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We are back, rested and ready to earn top marks in all subjects! Apologies for the quieter August and we pledge to not be tardy on the weekly Round-Ups. So with our #2 pencils sharpened and our fresh composition notebooks opened to page 1, lets get started!

Could Web Monetization prevented the ScarJo/Disney Divorce?

Nic from the Monetizing Open Video Assets project as a fascinating post about how Web Monetized revenue sharing could help distribute funds to a variety of people in the production of film and video. Love how he uses pop culture controversies to make the issue real.

Africa can be the leader in Web Monetization

Our GftW Ambassador Hack Sultan files his final report that summarizes his efforts in spreading the news about WM throughout Africa.

The W3C is helping make us a better program

A detailed and thoughtful progress report from our partners at the W3C. They have been a massive help in helping our young program and grantees grow with good web design at our core.

Grantees making it easier to build with WM!

We have really seen an uptick on code bases, libraries and documentation lately as projects end or hit their stride. Future projects will benefit from this work.

Spotify is bad for artists

Austin Robey from Ampled shares us on their newly released research "Streaming Economy: Defaults & Alternatives" This is a must read for all independent creators.

Our program team expands!

Read about Kokayi's transition from GftW Ambassador to program managing our reboot of the program.

New ideas need legal advice

Here is a final report for New Media Rights, who has provide free legal advice for many of our grantees. We love that our funds went to a variety of projects about all aspects of the ecosystem.

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