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Weekly Round-Up Post! (April 29nd, 2021)

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The drums keep beating this week. Let's see what had us dancing.

Drop the beat

Jussi Rytkönen shares the final grant report for the Web Monetized Multimedia project. Included is the documentation for their library that supports three types of media: video, audio, and text. There is a corresponding Web Component for each media, which allows monetization with - or without - backend verification.

Who wants it?

Kendario has another code bounty. Get after it!

A big update on microdonations

Hannah translates from Dutch some recent community meetings about the potential for microdonations. This is another example of fascinating research coming from the GftW grantees!

What's going on inside the Solid Pod?

We have 5 projects experimenting and building with Solid, and here Michiel de Jong describes one of them,

More Solid!

And then we hear from Joep Meindertsma with a progress report on the Web Monetization for Solid based Data Spaces

Local Chicago issues are getting funnier

The Chicago Genius Herald has used their grant funding to supercharge and diversify their content. We loved this insight from the report:

Satire done well improves internet literacy and highlights the absurdities inherent in many of the institutions surrounding us. By continuing to stay local and create content around Chicago politics, we’re able to develop focal points for discussion around important civic issues.

Power Plays podcast is leveling up to season 2

Podcasts are awesome, and we are thrilled that Power Plays is focusing on Web Monetization for their season 2. As the record, edit, and prep to launch, read more about their progress, and watch some outtakes on Cinnamon Video

Header image: Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash

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