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Weekly Round-Up Post! (June 1st, 2021)

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The Busy Beavers of the Web Monetization community are chewing through logs, building structures and storing up nutrients for the years to come! Lots of fun, complex deep dive updates this week.

Collecting your thoughts on Rafiki

Jump into this week's conversation about the Rafiki announcement and what this means for Web Monetization, your projects and the wider ILP ecosystem.

Blast the coronavirus into oblivion!

Was it a weird twist of fate that Enclave Games waited until now to finish Body Guard? Play it here

Lets take a battering ram to the walls of gardens!

We have a number of Solid based projects and here is the first final grant report from one of them. This is fascinating work and we love how they are actively trying to build a better Web by mixing different protocols, tools and ideas. When we launched GftW these are the kinds of big ideas we knew would grow!

LikeCoin is building the infrastructure we need!

We love ho this team is laying the groundwork for larger innovations, ideas and experiments to come! Go deeper on their progress via their blog.

XRPL Grant Announcement: Potential funding for developers experimenting with XRP Ledger

We are thrilled that XRPL Labs and RippleX have teamed up to expand the ecosystem with this grant competition for developers. All the details are here. Would love to see Web Monetization projects apply and compete!

Projects wrapping up

Vivid ioV Labs wraps up their extensive work. The GftW program team appreciates the community vibes, thoughtful commentary and creator energy that this team has brought to GftW since our launch. Thank you team!

Projects in motion

We love Etherpad! We love that multiple teams are looking at ays to use Web Monetization in Etherpad! Here [Ed Saperia
( of Newsspeak House updates us on what his are up to. And, wow!

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