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Ian Forrester
Ian Forrester

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Creating WebMix a new funding model — MozFest 2022 Web Monetization Action Plan


The existing models for distributing DJ mixes is frankly painful with many DJs having to fight with take-down notices and copyright flags.

I am investigating ways to self-host and share DJ mixes with the care and attention of what a DJ would like to bring to the mix, and include a way to pay the artist/creator of the music in the mix.

Hyperaudio powering Webmix

Web Monetized Resources at MozFest

Ways in Which I Am Web Monetizing These Resources

Currently I am Web Monetizing the whole of the site but I am going to change the audio player to HyperaudioLite and take advantage of the new feature to pay per section of the audio.

As a DJ, my main interest is to share the mix with as many as possible without limits and constraints. I will turn off WebMon for myself and use the payment providers of the artists instead. As I expect many artists have not heard of WebMon and so I recommend using payment providers of charities and non-profits instead (same ones Mozilla have used throughout the Mozilla virtual festival).

As more artists and labels start to support WebMontization and get payment pointers. It will be easy to reroute the payments to the new payment pointers and even split payments between groups/collaborations.

Ideally I'd like to see this fit within the fediverse systems like funkwhale, reel2bits or Castopod enabling support for future forms of sharing, ignoring and distributing.

Webmix prototype

Copy for a Tweet About My Web Monetized Resources at MozFest

It's time #DJ #mixes were web native?

Not tied to platforms which hold DJs in contempt for their time, effort & creativity. Supportive to artists and labels; without stooping to #surveillancecapitalism

Lets mix #webmon, @hyperaudio & some banging tunes.

Payment Pointers Supports this Good Initiative -

@cubicgarden - $
@maboa - $

I'd Love the Community Support with this Project By ...

  • Using the site -
  • Creating their own mix site
  • Sharing with djs as a potential sustainable future idea
  • Suggest ideas around getting more DJs/artists/producers to setting up their own payment pointers

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Ian Forrester • Edited

Sorry for the long delay but with the great help of @maboa and the amazing Hyperaudio project, I finally got it running on my local laptop.

Next stage is to setup a public mix site using a static generator. I'll add a page explaining each song which is used can have a unique payment pointer and currently its going to point to a number of charities, non-profits and myself.

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Ian Forrester

Public mix site is now public - (go have a play!)

There is a blog post which has a lot more detail -