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Flood Escape launched on Arcadia

Our Flood Escape game was added to the Arcadia platform with all the levels already unlocked , including the newly implemented Badlucky one.

Given my recent move to join OP Games I’m beginning to be more involved with various in-house projects - that include both the OP Guild and the Arcadia platform, which you might’ve already noticed with the OP Guild × Arcadia collaboration.

As part of that you can win 500 USDC (from the total 1500 USDC pool) if you submit your game to Arcadia - the deadline is July 15th. Doing so is as straightforward as possible, you don’t even need a wallet anymore as registering through email was enabled recently (with the help from Fortmatic).

When you’re in, go to your Game Creator page and click Create Game. You can choose to host it yourself (we’re using GitHub Pages for all our games), or upload it to Arcadia.

Arcadia Game Creator

Enter all the basic info: title, url, description, screenshots. Hit Submit and wait for acceptance - that’s it! After your game is accepted you’re already in and the game is available on the platform. If you’d like to have it featured just reach out and we’ll make sure it happens.

Next step would be to add the Tournament Mode (like Puckit! did), so folks can have a competitive play. It’s entirely optional, but then your game might end up being played during Game Nights which would bring you extra revenue.

I’m defnitely planning to add that to Flood Escape soon, so expect a blog post in the coming weeks with the details!

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