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Agenda for Wednesday's Community Call

Hello Everyone,

@creativelivingfordancers, @palexander and I are very much looking forward to Wednesday, September 29th's Community Call with Grant for the Web. We do hope you can join us!

As for the plan, our focus is on Encouraging Community Collaborations, which is something we've all enjoyed and benefited from in our experiences with the Web Monetization Community.

In approaching this on the Community Call, here is what you can expect from the agenda:

  • Relax, reflect and breath with Pamela.
  • An introduction to our theme / goal for the call, and the Web Monetization Libraries on StoryToGo.
  • Examples of how we've been working together with various members of the Web Monetization Community, along with a taste of Briana and Pamela's work.
  • Then it's your turn with a bit of Popcorn sharing. >> Introduce yourself. - What are you really good at that could be helpful to the community? - What do you need help with, that the community may be able to help with?
  • Stretch and move with Briana.
  • Q & A / Special Announcement time.

Very much looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday September 29th at 8 am PST / 11 am EST / 5 pm CET!

Don't forget to sign up:

~ Erica, Pamela and Briana

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gfam profile image

Can't wait!! Love the photos at the top of this post, although it does feel like @creativelivingfordancers should have a pet bird in the photo to complete the set.

Definitely intending to make it. Is it a Zoom video call or similar? Or are we hanging in Skittish?

ericahargreave profile image
Erica Hargreave

Ha! YES, @creativelivingfordancers does need a bird perched on her shoulder there! Thanks for that chuckle, Adam.

Zoom - so that Grant for the Web can share it with those that are unable to attend. Although I do love Skittish.

ayeshaware profile image
Ayesha Ware

Can't wait for tomorrow's Community Call, see y'all there!