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Inside FMA - Chapter 6

In this short article, FMA Team shares inside updates, outcomes and follow ups related to the rebuild of the global iconic music service: Free Music Archive.

Chapter 6

The FMA team is proud to be able to continue this journey with Grant for the Web. The FMA mission remains clear; create sustainable spaces & systems in favor of independent creators to continue creating and sharing original music online.

One of our main objectives to research during our first project with Grant for the Web, was the communication of Coil to new users and creators. Observing the Web Monetization Community was and is essential to our research for implementing Web Monetization to FMA.

Learning from the Community

It was important for us to analyze specific strategies that were and are used to communicate and introduce Coil to online users. We explored services with Coil and noted down the manner and keywords those services used to share Coil to their users, this data we gathered and published on the Web Monetization Community portal titled FMA Explores How To Introduce Coil To Users.

We got important examples and different directions to look at but all these services had one thing in common, and that is that they tweaked and adjusted their keywords to relate and/or match their target audiences and online environment.

Free Music Archive has shown us the power it has created on the web throughout these years, with its leading position on search engines and constant traffic of online user exploring new music and musicians.

FMA powers

It was clear that in order to best reach FMA users and musicians, we had to continue to get to know as many as we can and research the immense traffic of FMA in more detail to better understand how and where we can reach more online users on FMA to introduce Web Monetization.

We began using services where we can track and analyze FMA keywords and gather insights on the monthly traffic on FMA. These tooling's have shown us in more detail, different pages on FMA that receives many visitors, fun fact; the most visited pages on FMA are the FMA genre pages with Instrumental, Christmas, Soundtrack and Hip-Hop Beats as top visited FMA pages.

FMA top visited genres

With the same observation strategies as past research, we began analyzing top keywords opportunities and essential pages on FMA. We with this data, we can know and strategize our communication to monetize on FMA, not only for FMA musicians but also for more online users to follow.

New FMA Podcast

It’s no secret that a lot of podcaster uses FMA tracks for the background music of their episodes. We know this for a fact, after we activated an alert for Free Music Archive sightings on the web, the majority of alerts where podcasters sharing their content to the world and using FMA for their background music.

Next to researching and rebuilding FMA, the FMA team wanted to give the immense amount of daily visitors more FMA content to explore, enjoy and create new means to communicate Coil and Web Monetization to the FMA community, which is why an FMA podcast was a no brainer.

But before we could premiere the first episode, an intro and outro was needed, we didn’t have to look anywhere but at the giant FMA filled with talented artists and musicians.

open call

We sent out an open call to all FMA artists and musicians;

The FMA Team is proud to inform you that FMA will soon have a new Podcast Series for you to follow called; Music Insiders by Free Music Archive! We are excited to be able to create more space to highlight FMA Members, the FMA Community, Music Peers & all Music Insiders. But first, FMA needs your help!

For the intro and outro of Music Insiders by Free Music Archive podcast, FMA musicians submitted tracks, vocal or instrumental, no longer than 20 seconds and under the CC License Type: CC BY SA 4.0. After checking all submissions, the track; Narcissistic-Primadonna by FMA artist: Crush Limbo became the intro and outro of Music Insiders.

Music insiders

On the 10th of February 2022, Music Insiders by Free Music Archive podcast premiered on the Home Page of FMA with FMA artist; Ketsa as the first guest. Check out the first episode of Music Insiders with our Head of Music; Marko and FMA artist; Ketsa, all background music used in the episode are original music by Ketsa available on FMA. Ketsa is a Coil Creator, you can show him support with your Coil membership!

Our team was already aware of the amount of traffic the FMA Home Page receives with the amount of Listens the Featured Mixes have reached that we have published throughout the years on the FMA Home Page. Thus, publishing Music Insiders on the FMA Home Page would have guaranteed listeners.

Featured Mixes on FMA

Music Insiders by Free Music Archive podcast have now surpassed over one hundred eleven thousand listens, an added FMA tooling to use to communicate new Web Monetized opportunities for artists and continue to grow different audiences and users on FMA.

The Home Page of FMA is another strong tooling FMA is and will continue to use to add spotlight, highlight, introduce and bring forward web monetized opportunities for musicians on FMA and communicate Coil to new FMA users and listeners.

New FMA Objective

As Free Music Archive is hosting unlimited amounts of CC licensed music while the musicians can enable web monetization on their artist, album and song page, we know we must continue to do more.

The FMA team has learned a lot about individuals willing to spend time curating, sharing and promoting artists successfully. The missing link today is the toolkit for musicians and enthusiasts to monetize content together. When do we know it's successful?

We believe it will be a combination of valuable insights about fair revenue sharing via web monetization and the community of participants starting to spread the word and showing others how to join and contribute.

Our main goals?
To research and unleash a resilient payment infrastructure and promote inclusive and sustainable monetization models for musicians in the music sector. We have to start with artists 100% in control and willing to experiment with new business models.

Our next steps?
The FMA team wants to do our best to ensure our support for FMA musicians with new tooling and opportunities on Free Music Archive to bring forward their value in the music industry, in societies, cultures and around the world.

We will continue to keep an open-door policy to all artists, musicians and members that has any advice and suggestions for FMA.

More inside stories by FMA?
The FMA team will share insights we have gathered with our FMA community and publish them on
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