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The Weekly Round Up

We are back with another round! This week, ethics and technology, community members share experiences with Web Monetization, grant reports, and you’re invited to our upcoming Community Call.

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Hyperaudio wants to create ethical technology

Annabel Church for Hyperaudio for Conferences writes...

We want to create technology that will always be kind and safe, that works as intended, and can't be abused. Like others we even have an ethical position, and we can sum it up as follows:
We are committed to creating safety first, non-profit driven, consentful technology that allows you to keep control of your data and content.
But ethics aren't enough we need strategies and processes.
Intent is not enough, an ethical position does not guarantee a safe or expected outcome. Many tech products work as designed and yet are weaponised against the most vulnerable or marginalised users. We need social, data and financial structures that create space for ethical design and implementation, but ones that allow us to minimise accidental harm and correct any design decisions that result in harm.

Let’s Talk About It!

We asked this question and want to know if you’ve experienced failures with Web Monetization.

Head over to that thread and let us know your thoughts.

Grant Reports…..the Final’s!

Erase All Kittens Final Report

Dee Saigal shares EAK's achievements and what's next!

Since our interim grant report, we’ve been working on new gameplay content teaching HTML, CSS and Javascript skills, making the game fully compatible with all browsers, QA testing and one-to-one beta testing with students, fixing bugs, and marketing EAK and our Grant for the Web partnership through blog posts articles and our social media accounts.

Artist Rescue Trust continues to save the day

In the final report Todd Hansen for Artist Rescue Trust discusses the development of Web Monetization School.

This project officially came to an end on August 1, 2021. We are pleased to report that we have met or exceeded all our goals. We successfully built and launched our training program called Web Monetization School. It has been made publicly available for anyone to attend via our website. We also awarded 100 grants to musicians and artists who completed our Web Monetization School hosted on Teachable. As opposed to our public facing trainings on our website, placing this same content on Teachable allowed us to require all applicants to view and complete all modules and quizzes, ensuring they had a basic understanding of how Web Monetization can be used.

Bandi continues to build its library.

Keith Brewster shares the final report for his project Bandi

Hello everyone!
I'm thrilled to give the final grant update on Bandi. Just because the grant period is finished doesn't mean that the work is over—I've found ways to continue to expand and improve the project which I'm excited to share with you. At the end of the report I'll share the roadmap for the end of 2021, and where I'm hoping to take the project over the next year.

NewsAtomic's multi-publication digital publishing system continues to grow.

Alex Shiffer brings his project Web Monetization Payment Option For a Multi-Publisher Local News Hub to a close.

Our Web Monetization (WM) project was completed on October 24, 2021. Its integration with our multi-publication digital publishing system took much longer than planned, but we found the implementation of necessary technologies - Coil, Uphold, etc. - to be straightforward and well documented.

Thank you to Dee, Todd, Keith and Alex. We truly appreciate
you and the work you’re doing in Web Monetization.

But wait the progress continues for one project

Lauren Lavin for Los Suelos, CA shares the progress on building a multimedia platform in Grant Report #1.

Los Suelos, CA is off to a great start! We received more than 160 pitches for story and art ideas, and now we're working with over 40 contributors to develop a rich, interactive multimedia universe. We have launched a partnership with the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, such that all proceeds from the Los Suelos, CA project will directly benefit farmworkers and other disadvantaged communities right here in California. We anticipate a February 2022 launch.

You're invited!

Earlier today we shared our upcoming November Community Call with Snake Nation and hope you join us for this exciting event!

Stay tuned for our December Skill Share with MOVA

Have a great weekend, see you next Friday!

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