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Weekly Round-Up Post! (May 14th, 2021)

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What are we learning? What does the ecosystem need? What do projects need? What should Grant for the Web do next? How do we collectively advance the ideas and technology we are all immersing ourselves in?

These are the questions we are starting to grapple with as
many of the grant-funded projects are in the final push and starting to share their victories, learnings, frustrations, and blockers.

This week's round-up starts to raise up these findings and at Grant for the Web HQ, we are actively designing and working on what will come next based on this blossoming garden.

So shall we walk the grounds together?

Collecting your thoughts on this here space!

My colleague Ayesha posted a quick survey that we need your feedback on how you use the Web Monetization Community Space and what you would like to see it evolve to. Please take 5 minutes and share your opinion!

And now for some survey results

The team at Vivid IoV Labs has spent the last 4 months collecting feedback and conducting research about Web Monetization UX. Here is their report!

Gamedev.js was bigger then expected

Andrzej Mazur from Enclave Games Reports out on a recent Game Jam that they ran. Andrzej details the fast growth of year two, shares links to winning games, and starts to chart his continued quest to advance indie web games (and Web Monetization!)

Micropayments on the march!

Grantee alum and now Coil's Director of Developer RelationsUchi Uchibeke Tips us all off to an upcoming session by the Manchester Futurists about The Future of Web Monetization & Micropayments. Panelists will be the Johnny Appleseed of Web monetization Cyberdees and Mozilla Research Fellows Amber Case and Matt Mankins. This will be available to watch live and for free on Manchester Futurist’s Youtube channel.

Sarah from The Reductress has a question, who can help her?

Who has good examples of apps that utilize Web Monetization and/or Coil?

Can Web Monetization be a path to sustainable funding?

Erica Hargreave continues to weave stories about her research & discovery about Web Monetization's potential to sustain funding for projects, work, and practitioners. Erica is a fantastic community member and we love how she connects people and projects across this emerging ecosystem.

Web Monetization, its a journey

Oliver Sauter and the team at Memex recently filed a grant report and Oliver followed it up with some further reflections about what fertilizer, water, and love that Web Monetization needs to grow.

Note The header image was found through Creative Commons cultural content compiled by GftW grantee MHz Curationist. You can read about their funded research here.

The image is an example of Chinese embroidery. It is available in the public domain via Creative Commons No Copyright and the artifact can be found in the collection of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

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Jamiel Laurence

Hi Chris!

Great to reconnect back on here, and trying to work out how I can direct message you?

Looking forwards to catching up on everything GFTW over the coming weeks!