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Your Weekly Roundup!

This week we introduced the new cohort of GftW awardees and what’s to come, plus a final report from David Lockie, project updates from past and current awardees and more.

Announcing our Newest Cohort of Awardees

The Interledger Foundation's Grant for the Web program announces 27 recipients ( from our most recent call for proposals.

These projects shared a vision for practical activity to catalyze Interledger-driven business models for the web that expand financial inclusion.

Funded projects range from an exploration of gift cards for the internet driven by Web Monetization to experiments with new business models for sustainable, free trade coffee production in West Africa. Grants range from $9,800 to $100,000 USD.
Projects were submitted through a public, global call for proposals launched in July 2021. A panel of independent judges made funding recommendations on the 150 applications we received. The successful grantees in this cohort come from 12 different countries.

Let’s give our new awardees a round of applause!

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What advice would you give our new awardees?

We are asking the community to share some advice, experience or thoughts on Web Monetization that may help along the way.

I’ll start, the best advice I can give is to take it one day at a time, the Web Monetization ecosystem is growing and the community is here to support you, when in doubt, reach out!

Share your advice, leave a comment below.

Second time Awardee New Media Rights continue providing pro-bono legal service

Hi everyone!

We are thrilled to be continuing our work with the Grant for the Web Community!

New Media Rights is a nonprofit program that provides pro-bono (free) and low cost legal services to independent online creators and startups whose projects require specialized internet, intellectual property, privacy and media law expertise. We will be providing Grant for the Web grantees and other web monetization innovators an option to get pro-bono legal support to encourage the safe and wide distribution of their content or technology projects.

New Grant Opportunity

GftW awardee Catalina Goanta shares the wealth

With a wonderful interdisciplinary team, I had the privilege of being part of the first round of Grant for the Web projects. Building on this insight, and in the hope to create more convergence between pockets of researchers, creators, developers and pretty much anyone interested in the content creator economy and its business models, is the upcoming European Research Council Starting Grant project HUMANads.

CLink Media announces case study

Janos shares what's next for CLink

Dear All,

Following the C2PA Announcement today CLink has announced a case study of its Marketplace using C2PA authentication. Besides the C2PA implementation, the CLink Marketplace offers other unique features such as rights declaration and transfer (license); publicly accessible ledger for parties, creations, rights and rights transaction; the combination of persistent, cryptographic, and perceptual identifiers; archive to name the most relevant ones.

A GftW Ambassadorship comes to an end

GftW Ambassador David Lockie brings his project to close with final report

My ambassadorship is drawing to its end. My main focus over the last year (more or less) I’ve created - a microsite dedicated to Web Monetization and WordPress. It runs right from an introduction to both technologies through to sophisticated usage of the Coil plugin that allows anyone to easily yet powerfully Web Monetize their WordPress site.

The site’s content is primarily written but I’ve also added videos and screenshots to help make the practical steps as clear as possible.

Alongside this, I’ve had many, many meetings with folks both within and without the Web Monetization community, helping to spread the word, figuring out opportunities for collaboration and understanding better the challenges that Web Mo faces in adoption.

Finally I have met every couple of weeks with the GftW team, feeding back my learnings and insight. I truly hope these sessions have added some strategic value to the whole endeavour. We’ve talked extensively about the challenges facing adoption and a number of ideas to overcome them. I hope some see the light of day in due course.

A huge thanks to David for being a GftW Ambassador and your contribution to our community!

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Community is everything!

Earlier today, GftW awardee Kult’s Patrick and Helena hosted our monthly Community Call. It was a great conversation about their platform, Web Monetizing content and and about barriers faced with language localizations in South America, Barriers with Coil and their business model and Mobile Limitations.

To watch you can click the link below.

Join the Interledger Community Call on February 9

Interledger holds a monthly community call to discuss and share regular updates that build on the Interledger protocol. The next community call will be on February 9, 2022 11:00 AM → February 9, 2022 12:00 PM

There are 4 regular update slots, from the Interledger Foundation, Rafiki, Fynbos, and Coil teams, with additional slots open for anyone that would like to share their project or a discussion item for the broader community.

If you would like to join:

Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(GB) +44 20 3956 1581‬ PIN: ‪476 812 309‬#
More phone numbers:

Please post topics you’d like to discuss here and some background context for the rest of the community.

We hope to see you next week!

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