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Hello everyone! I'm excited to be here :)

Hello everyone, I’m Vineel Reddy, the new Community Manager at the Interledger Foundation. I’m super excited to be here and look forward to engaging with you and learning more about the Web Monetization Community.

With a background in Community Strategy and Advocacy, I have spent the last 12 years in community building and user engagement across Technology, Education and Creator ecosystems. I helped build global programs, campaigns, and events.

Before joining the Interledger Foundation, I was the founder at Collab House. Collab House designed programs, products, spaces, and services. Microsoft, PwC India, Société Générale, U.S. Embassy, EO, GreenPark Hotels, and several others partnered with Collab House to engage in the areas of Community & User Engagement, Emerging Technology, Design Thinking, and Innovation.

As a Community Coordinator at Mozilla, I supported the global Firefox Student Ambassador Program. I led Firefox OS launch initiatives in India. Coordinated Market Research on the ‘Mobile Opportunity Initiative’, working with GSM Mobiles and Mozilla Foundation. The research focused on addressing the gap of locally relevant content that can be accessed through mobile devices. I was a user engagement intern at Mozilla, Mountain View in 2010.

As a Mozilla Community member, I helped found Mozilla India, to bring the values of the open internet and support Mozilla’s mission. I was in the Mozilla Reps Council for two terms, the official governing body for Mozilla volunteers.

It is my second week at the Interledger Foundation, and I’m learning and exploring my way around. The Grand Web Monetization Experiment at MozFest allowed me to witness the potential of open payments and financial inclusion. I was thrilled to interact with some of you briefly and had a great time co-hosting an emergent-session.

As a Community Manager at Interledger Foundation, I will be here to support the community initiatives, engage with the Interledger ecosystem at large, help make connections and be a liaison between the community, ILF team, and partners.

Thrilled and I look forward to talking to you all on our upcoming community call!

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Alex Lakatos

Welcome Vineel! So happy you joined us!

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Vineel R. Pindi Author

Thank you, Alex! Thrilled to be working with you and team!

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Welcome! Great to see the community expand with you here @vineel!

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Vineel R. Pindi Author

Thank you, @radhyr !

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Erica Hargreave

Great to have you here, @vineel! Was a delight to start to get to know you last week, and I very much appreciated your help.

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Vineel R. Pindi Author

Thank you, @ericahargreave ! Same here, it was a please to get to get to know you and was incredible to see the amazing work you did with the Web Monetization initiatives. Glad to be a small part and could be of help !

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Hi! It's a pleasure to be here and meet you all ^_^ Excited to be part of making the world more Web3 (for the better!)

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David Gitonga

Hey all. My name is David and excited to be part of this awesome community!

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Cabal Paul

Hello Everyone. I am Cabal, basically I want to learn more about podcast.

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Peter Attah Michael


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Happy to join this great community of Web 3 Frontiers. I can't wait to contribute to the future of the Web

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Blessing Mokoena

Thanks this is awesome!