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It’s time for your weekly roundup!

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Calling on the ILF Community to strengthen our Ecosystems for Growth at ILP Summit 23

Join friends from around the world, sharing how ILP is solving issues in their communities, sharing insights and experiences of the regulatory environment, and learning more about the funding landscape. There’s also the opportunity to get hands-on with the tech and get involved in an ILP Hackathon tackling what's new and what’s next in the protocol.

Here’s how you can participate in #ILPSummit23:

Explore the future of open payments. Hack your way to financial inclusion, get involved! Secure your ticket to attend the #ILPSummit23 here

Want to shape the future of Web Monetization? Choose the format that best serves your focus, and submit your session idea here

Celebrate Community

Network and dialogue with members of the Interledger ecosystem and experience unique and authentic Costa Rican-style entertainment. Party with us at #ILPSummit23, RSVP here

We hope to see you there!

Upcoming Open Call for Proposals Office Hours Session to learn more about our new Open Call for Proposals

Want to apply for the 2023 ILP-enabled Financial Services Open Call for Proposals or the Ambassadors Open Call for Proposals attend an office hours session to get your questions answered.

ILP-enabled Financial Services Open Call for Proposals

About the ILP-enabled Financial Services CFP
All registered entities or collectives, with a compelling concept for an innovative, open-source solution, are being encouraged to submit their applications to receive up to $75,000 USD in funding. This grant seeks to support the development of consumer-facing services that will activate as ILP nodes making sending money as simple and easy as sending an email.

Interested applicants can apply here Application closes November 21, 2023, at 11:59 pm EST

Ambassadors Open Call for Proposals

About the Ambassadors Call for Proposal

The Ambassadorship program has been developed to support the Interledger Foundation with identifying and lessening obstacles to entry and potential adoption of ILP. This grant opportunity will award up to 5 Ambassadors for a six-month project timeline. For their dedication to this program, each Ambassador will be awarded with $30,000 USD and a stipend of $10,000 USD to implement their proposal.

Interested applicants can apply here. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis until Nov 21st, 2023 at 11:59 pm EST.

Good luck!

ILF Financial Services Cohort Grant Reports

We take a look at final reports from the People’s Clearinghouse and Paystreme.

Roberto Valdovinos for the People’s Clearinghouse shares how public visibility has shifted their platform into the next level.

In our previous progress report we mentioned that a major win was the public validation of the project: how the Interledger Summit and the following meetings and events allowed us to realize how important this project could become, through the eyes of others. Since then, thanks to several events and foremost of all the Public Forum for Digital Financial Inclusion, that public visibility has shifted into the next level: it’s not the validation of an idea anymore, it’s the acceptance of a concrete, existing platform. The People’s Clearinghouse now exists, and is a platform that institutions and organizations can and perhaps should connect with.
Equally important is the impact that this visibility has brought for potential alliances of the popular financial sector. In the days following the forum, tens of community banks and savings coops contacted us to discuss how the People’s Clearinghouse could serve their needs and what the process would be to join. We have met with the second, third and fourth largest savings coops of the country, which are all willing to be part of this effort and invest in a platform for the social sector and by the social sector. If we’re able to successfully confirm these partnerships in the coming weeks, that would mean we could launch the clearinghouse with more than one million interconnected users. Here’s a picture of our last meeting with Acreimex’s directors: it’s the third largest savings coops in the country, based in Oaxaca, with 65 branches which all receive remittances. They developed their own core banking system, which is used by 25 savings coops.

Fernando Almiñana for Paystreme writes about the remarkable impact on its target audience and communities.

Project Update
These past few months have been remarkably impactful and significant for the Wallet Guru team. We have not only expanded our team by bringing in key and invaluable members, but our understanding of the market has also grown exponentially. Now, more than ever, we are thrilled to embark on the next phase of our development and create a product that will not only make a meaningful impact on the community but also revolutionize the industry as we know it. This report will encompass key activities and provide updates on the latest changes in our project. We would like to extend a special thanks to the ILP members and community for actively engaging with us during these past few months and for offering valuable feedback and engaging in constructive conversations. We genuinely appreciate all the time and effort you have contributed.
Project Impact & Target Audience
Wallet Guru is proud to share the intended and actual impact our project is having on its target audience and communities, including marginalized groups. One area where our project is making a significant difference is in promoting financial inclusion in Latin America at scale. By partnering with utility companies that have millions of subscribers, Paystreme expands its reach and impact on the target audience. These partnerships enable us to provide a seamless and inclusive financial experience to individuals who may not have access to traditional banking services. Also, through our integration with MoneyGram, Paystreme empowers traditionally excluded cash users to seamlessly convert funds for banked deposits or USDC at over 450,000 locations worldwide.
Another way we create a positive impact is by providing a more efficient way of dealing with prepaid customers for utility companies. This has the potential to benefit approximately 400 million prepaid mobile carrier subscribers in the region. Our research has shown a direct correlation between the cost of mobile data and the number of prepaid users in a country.

We encourage you to take a deeper dive into each report, leave a comment and ask questions and we look forward to seeing the continued work from both of these projects.

For the Community

Need help writing your proposal?!

Here’s a great article to help you avoid these 7 red flags!

Have questions or want to discuss, leave a comment under Chris’ blogpost.

From the Community

New update from gFam for

Hi everyone!
We're trying our best to drive more traffic to the platform to help our creators earn more through the platform's advertising... but it's not going super well.
Until Web Monetization is back up and running, we're distributing 100% of our advertising revenue to our creators... but we're not generating much at the moment because no one likes ads (including us).

Casey Herd asks the community about micropayments with the rise of LLMs

Hi all!
Its been a while but I saw this interesting post on Twitter about the need for micropayments with the rise of LLMs. I thought Id see if anybody is working in this area and if so how are things going?

If you’d like to continue the conversation with gFam and Casey, please go to their blogposts and leave a comment or ask a question.

Join us for the Interledger Community Call on July 12th!

The Interledger community calls shall be once a month, on the second Wednesday of each month.

Time: 10.00 AM Central Time.

We’ll have regular updates from:

  • Interledger Foundation
  • Fynbos
  • Rafiki
  • Testnet

Agenda and Meeting Minutes:
Public note taking document here.

Meet joining info
Video call link
Or dial: ‪(GB) +44 20 3956 1581‬ PIN: ‪476 812 309‬#
More phone numbers:

If you are building projects that build on the Interledger protocol, please feel free to add details about your project in the note taking document under the community section.

Have questions or need help? Join us on Slack here.

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