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We're back!

It’s been a minute since my last community post and there’s lots to share.

The Roundups are going to be monthly. Each month we will highlight grantees, grant reports, blogposts, and share opportunities to participate in community engagements and ILF updates.

2024 is off to a good start, so let’s get this Roundup rolling.

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ILF Open Source Ambassador Santosh Viswanatham

Last October Santosh took on the role of Open Source Ambassador and has hosted Hacktoberfest and collaborated with seven Open Source and Tech Communities spanning two continents and three countries. Authored and updated contribution guides on various Interledger repositories and is currently working on open-source campaigns.

Here is Santosh’s interim report highlighting the first 3 months of the Ambassadorship.

Bowie State University Micro Internships are back!

Following the success of last year’s cohort of 20 students, who participated in the program focusing on enhancing skills in UI/UX, Project Management, Software Engineering, research, and digital finance. Bowie State professor and ILF partner Dr. Andrew Mangle relaunches the Micro Internships for a second year and looks to expand the reach and impact beyond BSU’s campus. The Micro Internships run January 29 - May 10, 2024!

To learn more about this opportunity and ways you can help, tap or click to read Dr. Mangle's post!

Erica Hargreave reflects on her journey as ILF Ambassador

Throughout her time as an ILF Ambassador, Erica set out to test out new Web Monetization tipping features and engaged in public outreach on Web Monetization. Towards the end of her Ambassadorship Erica created a Micro-Grant geared to indigenous communities and disabilities communities to attend ILP Summit 2023 in Costa Rica.

I’d like to take a moment and say thank you to Erica for her work within our community. Erica’s journey although rerouted a few times, continued on a path that brought us new connections to communities that are often underrepresented.

For more about Erica’s time as an Ambassador, you can read her final report here.

Micro Grantee Neha Ahora shares reflections from ILP Summit 2023

Neha Arora is the Founder of Planet Abled, an organization aimed at mainstreaming accessibility and inclusion in the tourism industry to make travel simple for travelers with disabilities. Neha was invited by Erica Hargrece to apply for the Indigenous Communities and Disability Communities Micro Grants to attend the ILP Summit in Costa Rica. Neha shares some of her reflections on her time at the Summit and what she learned from participating as a Micro Grantee.

2023 ILP-enabled Financial Services Grantee Chimoney Final Report

Uchi Uchibeke of Chimoney, a Global payout infrastructure, and API connecting multiple payment rails to unlock economic opportunities for everyone brings this Phase 1 project to a close and shares the next steps in the final report.

During this 3 month project, Chimoney users created 200 iInterledger Payment Pointers, made and completed successful transactions of real money between Interledger Payment Pointers with mass payouts of real money to Chimoney Interledger Payment Pointers and linked an Interledger Wallet Address to an NFC Card and a Chimoney Public Profile hosted at

For all the details on how Chimoney was able to successfully create payment pointers with mass payouts, you can read Uchi’s final report below.

Introducing Ayden Ferdeline Interledger Research Fellow

Ayden Ferdeline is back with ILF as our Interledger Research Fellow. His work will be centered on bridging our work into the global tech policy landscape. Ayden is also a past grantee whose project Power Plays was a podcast that charts how important decisions about the Internet’s infrastructure and institutions have been made and ​​have conducted structured conversations with various subject matter experts exploring the web monetization ecosystem.

Would you like to guest write a monthly roundup?

We invite community members to write a monthly update. If you’re interested being a guest writer, email

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Great update

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This is an excellent start to the year, congrats everyone!

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Useful Update. BTW I love the "we are back" GIF. It is very funny.