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Your Weekly Roundup! Reboot

Hello Community!

After a brief hiatus we are back and ready to go with a reboot of the Weekly Roundup. So let’s get restarted with some community updates, grantee reports and news from the Interledger Foundation!

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Announcing our ILP-Based Financial Services Research and Development Grants

Last week we announced our new cohort of grant funded projects.

Funded projects range from a coalition of credit unions in rural Mexico, tooling to measure impact investing, a program to facilitate cross-border small business loans, and other ideas to expand how people can benefit from the Interledger Protocol.

We were thrilled by the response we had to this award program and are excited to support these projects as they learn, grow and build in the Interledger ecosystem. It is mission critical that we expand the ILP network and activate nodes throughout the globe who will open up new opportunities to expand financial inclusion. I am proud that these projects demonstrate the diversity in our ecosystem and support our core belief that we need the people experiencing the problems to be imagining solutions. - Briana Marbury, ILF Executive Director.

You can read the full announcement at the link above and welcome ILF Financial Services cohort to the community.

Grant Reports

During the weekly roundup hiatus we had a few grant reports come in…

In there progress report project New Media Rights continue to advise a number of projects that use alternative forms of web monetization. The report details how the web monetization community has been critical to connecting folks to our legal services. New Media Rights have worked on 7 different matters so far. Their goal was to serve as a
support to creatives and innovators experimenting with web monetization, and so far, we have steadily been accomplishing that.

Ivonne Prado Barros for project [New Universe] discusses in the final report how users are adding their platforms private beta version and the public versions and the process of getting each user a coil account. Out of feedback from users, the team created video tutorials to help users setup coil accounts who did not have it when they started using the platform.

In Grant Report 1, Natalie Axton for Flat Squirrel Productionsgave an update on closing the artist survey created in March 2022 that was developed in 3 sections. First to collect demographic and organizational information, the second asked how, what, where and why about their current content in order to learn what respondents' goals, concerns, and optimization strategies and the final section asked about familiarity with Web Monetization and technical know-how so that we might best understand where the challenges might be.

Look out for a series of articles that will be sent to survey respondents and will be published at Raft Magazine and to Medium.

Rashon Massey for Helping Small Businesses Adopt Web Monetization shares in final report his goal for successfully introducing his existing community to web monetization while being an example for other small businesses. Rashon’s objective was to build a new objective web monetized Wordpress website, to educational wellness workshops and courses.

From the Community

gFam wants to hear from you…

Hi everyone!
One of the things that bonds this whole community is that the more people using the Interledger Protocol, the better it is for all the projects and creators in this space.

Leave a comment or 2 and tell gFam what websites you know of that provide exclusive or extra content for Coil subscribers.

Sonar Muse announces second wave of music submissions

With all the exciting news about XLS-20 and having NFTs become a native feature on the XRPL, Sonar Muse would like to announce the second wave of Music submissions. All artists are welcome to gain access to the private-beta platform before we launch.

Learn more about how to apply at the link above, the deadline is November 1st.

October Elementari Art Contest - #UseTech4Good

Nicole Li for project Elementari shares details on #UseTech4Good art contest and how students can participate

How do you use technology for good? We've partnered up with the Digital CitizenshipInstitute as they are celebrating digital citizenship the entire month by hosting a month-long event around digital citizenship and the Global Goals.

This is the first of five art contests running from October to January.

You can find the announcement with more information on the Elementari web page here.

Community Events

Black Web Fest Tipping Party

Victoria Coker hosts the first ever Black Web Fest virtual screening tipping party. During this evening on the festival red carpet, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy documentaries, films, web series and animated films created by emerging Black creators from across the globe. There will be something for everyone from comedy to sci-fiction. This is an event you don't want to miss.

When: Friday, October 14, 2022
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST / 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm PT
Register at:

How to receive and redeem your tips:
Once you have registered for the Black Web Fest Tipping Party, watch out for an email with a code for upgrading your Coil account to an experimental tipping account. These accounts will come with a 6-month pre-paid membership and $10 of pre-paid tips, all courtesy of Coil.

Looking forward to seeing you and indulging in some entertaining and thought-provoking Web Monetized films together!

Stay tuned! Details will be available next week for our next Community Call and more updates from Interledger Foundation.

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Thanks for including the "Community help needed!" post... would still love to hear from anyone on this, the list is currently a little sparse.

The Black Web Fest Tipping Party was absolutely excellent. I was blown away by the story telling in some of the short films and was very excited to directly tip filmmakers. Such a buzz!