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Mathew Safford
Mathew Safford

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MG.Social Statistics for June & July, 2021

In our latest blog we look at how MG.Social did in the month of June & July, 2021.

In July we had our first MGS utility token distribution. MGS is a token on the XRPL. We are distributing the MGS token to encourage daily user interaction with the MG.Social platform. Our first MGS use case is for community governance and we have further use cases planned for this year and beyond.

The MGS utility token distribution had a clear impact on our numbers for July and we will look to increase the participation as much as possible when we launch our second distribution in October, 2021.

Thank you to everyone for supporting us as we continue to work on our 2021 roadmap.

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Victoria Coker

Very interesting. Just read a bit about the blog and I think its cool you're offering other tokens. How do you decide which tokens will be used. I only ask because as a New Yorker many of the exchanges aren't legal in state which limits our ability to purchase specific coins.