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MG.Social Statistics for November, 2020

A big hello to the web monetization community from Mathew Safford (MateoXRP) of MG.Social. I am so thrilled to be here!

If you are not aware https://MG.Social is an ad-free web monetized social network that I founded earlier this year.

Creators are able to web-monetize the content they contribute to the platform and accept XRP tips through the Xumm application.

Here is a link to our Coil blog discussing our statistics and analytics for the month of November, 2020:

Our current focus is on creating mobile apps (iOS and Android) for MG.Social which we hope to release in early 2021.

You can follow along with our progress on our various accounts:

Good luck to everyone and their various projects. We look forward to seeing what creations the community will come up with.

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Great report! It's also amazing to see so many friendly faces and hardworking creatives in the graphic for this post! So good!