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Mathew Safford for MG.Social

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MG.Social: Socialize... Monetize!

New Promo Video

MG.Social is an ad-free, Web Monetized social network that rewards creators with streaming micropayments and Xumm tips on their postings.

Our mobile app is available in the Apple iOS and Google Play.

Sign up for an account using your paid Coil subscription and start earning for your posts today.

Top comments (4)

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Erica Hargreave

I love this space for connecting with the community!

Congrats on being a new grantee, Matteo. Well deserved!

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Mathew Safford

Thanks for your support, Erica!

gfam profile image

This is a great video @mateoxrp ! So much energy!!

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Mathew Safford

Thank you!