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Weekly Round-Up Post! (April 9th, 2021)

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So we missed a few weeks, but we are back with another weekly round-up! So much activity in this community, it is inspiring. Keep posting, keep connecting and keep innovating! Let's dive in.

Three potential futures for Web Monetization

Stephanie Rieger released her GftW funded white paper, and it is chock-full of research, ideas, cautionary tales, and thoughtful analysis. This is a must-read for all working on building this ecosystem.

Privacy, open-source, and microdonations

MicroDonor'sHannah files a #grantreportdetailing their progress so far. They have co-design sessions coming up, check out the report, and see how you might get involved.

A grantee joins Coil!

Uchihas joined Coilas Director of Developer Relations. Uchi ran the GftW funded program Hackathon for the Weband has done fantastic work community building in the Web Monetization space. We look forward to continuing to work with him and having him participate with you all.

Artist Rescue Trust mini-grants and Web Monetization school is open

A.R.T. gives micro-grants to artists and performers affected by COVID 19 in the U.S. With a grant from us they are also creating training resources for their applicants on Web Monetization. The application and the first video are now live. Could you please help us spread the word?

Can Web Monetization help philanthropy?

Great lit review and documentation by Catalina Goanta to help them define some basic terms and cluster reported content monetization models. She also expanded on this with her post Monetizing philanthropy on social media

GLAMs & Open Knolwedge

The team at MHz Curationist has been doing some great market research about sustainability for their project and if/how micropayments fit in. They are looking to talk with other projects in the non-profit space. Is that you?

A great prototype from MozFest

Marc Boas from Hyperaudio continues to dazzle with ideas and prototypes about how video, audio, transcriptions, and accessibility might be coupled with Web Monetization. Here they are taking videos from MozFest and adding WM and transcriptions. Check out the links and the demo!

Header image: Photo by David Maunsell on Unsplash

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Christian Dawson

Thanks so much for this, Chris! Appreciate the help with connections. These weekly round-ups are extremely valuable in helping point the way to cool things happening throughout this community.