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Correcting Error 402 β€” ILF Grant Final Report

Brief Project Description

A content series exploring the concept of web monetization, and how very different the internet might look if web monetization was widely deployed. This will be posted on Techdirt (and freely shareable, repostable anywhere), starting with a look at how there was, from early on, an intent for web monetization to be a part of the world wide web, as is clear from the creation of HTTP response status code 402: β€œPayment required.” Progress report #1

Project Update

Project is complete with the series to debut in September 2023. You can find all articles here

Project Impact & Target Audience(s)

We are inspiring more people to make use of web monetization and to make it more common helps drive wider adoption to bring about the original promises of web monetization. Web monetization really only works if it is widely adopted, and in order to get it more widely adopted, people need to understand the story behind it and the opportunities it creates. Part of the content series will focus on how web monetization will help enable more traditionally marginalized groups and individuals to route around traditional hurdles and blockades in order to do more.

Progress on Objectives, Key Activities

Communications and Marketing

We will be marketing the series on our social media handles and on our blog

What’s Next?

The series is due for publication in September. From there we hope the project will encourage more people to make use of the web monetization API and the Interledger Protocol.

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