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Weekly Round-Up Post! (June 11th, 2021)

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Last week at GftW HQ we updated everyone on our developing plans to help this community grow. While we are planning community calls, skill shares and demo parties, we need help! We know we aren't able to do everything people want, need and there is a ton we don't know. Can you help? Let us know your ideas and activities you want to help drive.

Weekly discussion topic

Have a good discussion kicking off our first week of discussion threads. Have ideas for topics? Let us know, we are the people that can make that happen!

More Web Monetization models for the people!

Robert and his team at Permanent are trailblazing how Web Monetization might work beyond content and are experimenting with Etherpad as a proof of concept. They are on quite a journey!

Did we mention we love community started discussions?

EAK erases development hurdles!

Love this Interim Report from Dee Saigal from Erase All Kittens because she details the grit and creativity her team showed working through thorny development issues in the still young Web Monetization ecosystem! Also their game is so cool.

Help us welcome new community members!

Please say hello to Vera! and CΓ©sar Incio to!

Projects wrapping up: Review the Reviewers!

The Hard Drive has a brilliant way they are using Web Monetization, drop what you are doing and Review the Reviewers. Have your Web Monetization enabled and charge up your Super Powers! Love this understanding of mission: "It was very important for us, as a satire website, to utilize our Coil integration through a satirical device."

More projects wrapping up: Teddy's Story

This is one of the most unique, thoughtful and creative projects we funded. Web Monetization to reduce ads in web content for kids, such an elegant idea and Alan is a journey that could be a model for indie creators and WM everywhere.

Header cartoon is by Nina Paley and was found on Wiki Commons and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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radhyr profile image

I'm actually curious what other community members and grantees are planning once Rafiki new testnet is up. I know we won't get to play with the new version of Rafiki testnet shortly in the next few months, but knowing how awesome Rafiki-enabled payments gonna be, I just feel we don't hype Rafiki enough!

My post on Rafiki discussion is limited on revshare, but I'll be thrilled if you can start discussions on what people are planning with Rafiki-enabled Interledger payments on their projects @chrislarry ! Something more general like tipping and subscription, how they're gonna implement them and so on. We can talk more in-depth about use cases for Rafiki than we do in the last discussion thread about Rafiki announcement; is this a good topic for the next weekly discussions?

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Radhy • Edited

More activities that I often see in other communities that lack in this community are watercooler tag and maybe if there are volunteers--some regular hackatons?

This community surely is about Web Monetization and Interledger but it'll be more relaxing for members to chat with each other off-topic with #watercooler tag like they do in Maybe something like this is a good thread for #watercooler tag:

Also, I think there's a need for tag #weeklydiscuss to happen instead of using more general #discuss tag for the new weekly discussions.

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Radhy • Edited

I think if #watercooler tag really going to happen in WM community space perhaps it can be set to be shown less for people who don't subscribe to the tag like they do in, as to not distracting people who come purely for WM stuffs.

Perhaps this can be a good medium for community members to connect with each other. I'm interested in posting regular #watercooler posts if you guys think this is a good idea.