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Weekly Round-Up Post! (May 7th, 2021)

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Here is our weekly slice of updates, reports, musings and conversations. One thing we are seeing is that as projects wind down people are starting to name the limitations of the current ecosystem. While this can be frustrating, it is super valuable for us at GftW to understand how our program and grants can begin to invest in solving these problems and expanding the potential.

Would love community ideas on what we should be focusing funding on to help lift up all the work the community has done. Reach out to us directly, or better yet respond to this post!

Our community is a Web Monetized fundraising machine!

My colleague Erika shares how we use charity payment pointers in this community to raise money for non-profits. Do you want to use your posts to help us? Here is a list to choose from and details on adding a payment pointer to your posts.

Who you going to call? New Media Rights!

The team at New Media Rights is offering legal advice for your projects and Web Monetization experiments. This is an amazing opportunity if you have questions.

A look at why a recent Twitch Subathon worked

Alexandru from the Monetizing Philanthropy project gives some data and analysis about the snowball effect of community fundraising on Twitch.

Streaming micropayment gift cards, read all about it!

Alex & Adelya recently published their grant-funded whitepaper and documentation about the Gib project. The core idea is can WM be used to allow people to "gift" premium content. One of their main conclusion, Web Monetization/ILP needs to start allowing for single payments in addition to streaming. Definitely worth a read.

693 commits? Wow!

Mike Huggins files their final grant report with quite a flex! That is a lot of commits and a ton of work! Read about their progress. Oh, and pro-tip to potential GftW applicants, they offer advice and feedback!

Less than a week for the ART grant applications close!

Todd from the Artist Rescue Trust shares their progress and lessons in their latest progress report. He also highlights their artist relief grant application closes soon. Details here.

The past as prologue

James from Permanent finds some historical applications of web monetization and challenges the capabilities of our current ecosystem to evolve to include more diverse use cases.

Header image: Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

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