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Your Weekly Round-Up!

Network, Discuss, Learn! This week we highlight community members who are asking questions, seeking advice and starting conversations around Web Monetization. Janos Farkas hosts an upcoming Skill Share community event. Grant for the Web announces awards to CRWNMAG and more…

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Community Members Unite

On Wednesday we highlighted Xander Jake de los Santos of the Web Monetized Art project who asks this important question: How do you introduce web monetization to new people?

And Erica Hargreave asks a similar question: How do you explain web monetization?

Head over to both threads and help Xander and Erica with your ideas...

Questions need answers

Adam W. of gFam asks a very important question:

Is there a full list of WM subscription value-adding sites? Does anyone know if there is a list or a repository of all the sites that provide something additional or exclusive for users with an active Coil subscription?

Community members are helping, please join the thread below if you have some insight.

Every Wednesday, we will share a thread that hits a topic important to Web Monetization. Stay tuned!

Grant for the Web Skill Share with awardee Janos Farkas of CLink Media, Inc

Janos Farkas of CLink Media, Inc will host our first Skill Share community event on Wednesday, October 20, 2020 11:00 to 12:00 pm EST.

To register go to:

During this 40 minute session, Janos will talk about Peer to Peer Monetization of Online Content with Lump Sum Payment Legitimate commerce relies on identifying and authenticating the products, buyers, authorized sellers and providing records of the transaction.

Grant for the Web Awards CRWNMAG to Develop Mission-Driven Digital Content for Black Women

Chris Lawrence of Grant for the Web shares some very fantastic news!

Today we announced a $505,000 award to CRWNMAG to provide digital content for Black women delivered in an authentic voice by a trusted platform. Sustainable web monetization that fosters financial inclusion for creators will be a key feature of the publication's digital transformation, reflecting Interledger's core mission.

Grant reports are pouring in…..

Folawole of shared what's happening with the project...

The project is going very well and exceeding our expectations in Grant Report #1. It has been a great joy to distribute funds to artists, develop a plan to provide artists with wellness measures that mature the artistic community and map out what will soon be a web monetized hub for international artistic engagement.

Main objective to create a website that is integrated with web monetization and offers a sustainable platform for black leadership , guidance and wellness in the arts is developing rapidly.

LauchPad project team member Veethika shares Grant Report #1

In our grant proposal, we had proposed creating an educational resources to teach the masses about web-monetization and the various catches involved while deciding on the platform and monetization methods over the web.

The initial objective of the project was to create an easy to reproduce game on web-monetization that educates players around the basics of web-monetization in the context of practical examples of monetizing their content over the web.

Project Leader Jan Zheng of Instill Science shares their progress and challenges in Grant Report #1

At the beginning of the grant, we had this idea that we could build a better, peer-led Peer Review system. We spoke to scientists who were eager to participate. But once we had manuscripts in hand, it turns out that people love the idea of helping others improve the quality of their science and research output β€” not the idea of conducting peer review. Even merely mentioning "peer review" elicited a lot of negative reactions!

We've had to change our approach several times, and re-think how we could create a science community that could help itself raise the bar for the scientific and publishing output.

Many thanks to all of our Community Members who continue share and learn all things Web Monetization.

See you next week!

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