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The 2022 Mozilla Festival Call for Proposals is open until November 5th!

The Mozilla Festival, affectionately known as MozFest and hosted by the Mozilla Foundation, harnesses the collective power of unexpected partnerships --- from analog artists and public interest technologists to policymakers and neurodiverse activists --- to creatively disrupt the status quo and reframe and reimagine our online world. Mozfest welcomes your voice in this critical, community-driven experience.Β 

The 2022 virtual event will open on 7 March 2022 for four days of online sessions. Mozfest is a perfect space for the Web Monetization community to share work, teach others and find collaborators. The Call for Proposals for the festival is open until November 5th. All details on submitting are here.

Over the last three years, the Web Monetization community and Grant for the Web have been heavy contributors to the festival. We highly encourage you to submit a session. In addition, the Interledger Foundations and our friends at Coil will be active participants.

Here are the MozFest 2022 Spaces

MozFest Sessions

Sessions can be on a wide range of topics relevant to internet health and trustworthy AI, but all sessions must be participatory, accessible, and inclusive. You can submit multiple proposals.

Session Formats

  • Art and Media: (No Time Limit) Includes art exhibits, interactive & immersive media, film & video, game, or podcasts.

  • Social Moments: (No Time Limit) Sessions focused on bringing the MozFest community together in a social format. This could include a meetup, yoga session, baking classes, or a games evening.

  • Discussions: (60 minutes) Sessions that hold space for building shared understanding, the open exchange of knowledge, or surfacing collective vision to collaboratively develop new ideas among facilitators and participants.

  • Skill Shares/Lightning Talks: (7 minutes) Pre-recorded learning sessions or lightning talks focused on sharing a skill, research, or methodology.

  • Workshops: (60 or 90 minutes) Sessions hold space for participants to collaborate on specific outputs like code, steps in a project, or collectively solving a problem. In Workshop sessions, participants should be producing something together and making or creating an output.

Please use the comments below to share ideas or questions about what might make a good Web Monetization or Open Payments session at MozFestΒ  If you do submit, please let us know so we can track our community's involvement.

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Victoria Coker

Definitely thinking up ideas now

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Sebastian Samuel

I am thrilled to announce that the Call for Proposals for the second virtual. This post fund will spark a healthier internet built on open standards, giving people. Please be advised all events, performances, venues, dates and times are subject to change. Persons wishing to verify the details of an event should contact .