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The Interledger Foundation (ILF) continues to build equitable pathways for digital financial inclusion by advancing open payment standards through digital outreach and participation via our Ambassadorship program. The program is designed to support the advancement of the Interledger Protocol by honing the expertise and developing an ecosystem unique to each Ambassador. This program is open to anyone interested in furthering digital financial inclusion.

Therefore, We are thrilled to announce a new grant opportunity, the Ambassadorship Call for Proposal (CFP). The Ambassadorship program is essential to the Interledger Foundation, and during their tenure, they assist us in furthering our mission: to increase awareness, promote thought leadership, boost participation, encourage research, facilitate experimentation, and foster innovation in the Interledger Protocol (ILP)-enabled networks, Open Payment Standards. Moreover, their contribution will aid in furthering our global strategy for change and provide essential tools for advancing digital financial inclusion.

More specifically, the 2024 Interledger Foundation Ambassador Program seeks.
The Ambassadorship program seeks qualified individuals who operate at the intersection of various fields which are essential for advancing digital financial inclusion. Individuals who are willing to utilize their expertise, skills, interests, values, and networks by researching new pathways, advancing standards, developing and implementing open-source technologies, activating communities, promoting accessibility, and envisioning artistic products. The Ambassador's endeavors will expand our ecosystem, reduce disparities, and fortify our collective impact.

This program is for everyone who shares our vision and is ready to make a difference.
Are you considering applying to become an Interledger Ambassador? Reflect on your passion within your field and how your unique blend of skills, interests, values, and networks can pave the way for digital financial inclusion. We extend our invitation to researchers, developers, open-source contributors, entrepreneurs, educators, policy regulators, open standards enthusiasts, digital and financial rights advocates, creators, and artists.
To inspire the applicants, we would like to share the Ambassadors we have selected for the year 2024

The opportunity to apply for this call for proposals will be available from June 4th, 2024, through August 31st, 2024. The Interledger Foundation will enable the candidates to execute their submitted Ambassadorship proposal within six months after the award is accepted. All ambassadors will receive a $30,000 grant
for research, building, organizing, and advocacy.

To apply for the Ambassadorship program, applicants need to create an account on Submittable. The Ambassadorship call for proposals is a two-part process. For the Ambassadors grant, phase one will be visible to any registered account.

  • Phase one of the application includes registration and general project information.

  • Phase two is an invitation-only application.

#Stay tuned for more details on the Interledger Foundation’s website and community forum for information on the current call for proposal’s eligibility requirements, application form, and other additional information. All are welcome to the Interledger Slack or contact us at if you have any questions.

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