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Your Weekly Roundup

A couple of updates and announcements to end the week!

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Meet the Future|Money Art & Culture Grant Judges

Now that the Future|Money application is officially closed, it’s time to meet the judges.

Through our Meet the Judges Series, we will highlight the individuals that have accepted the call to assess this inti/vation grant opportunity. We will showcase a brief profile of each judge along with their interest in serving as a judge/juror for this grant.

We are pleased to introduce the first two members of the Future|Money judging panel Charles Philippe Jean-Pierre and Kelli Rae Adams



Community Update

gFam for shares monthly report

Hi everyone!

We've disabled our related code but all our Web Monetization is still active and ready for whatever the future brings in this space. Really excited to see what comes from Web Monetization development (add yourself to the waitlist!).

In the meantime, we've changed our methodology and we're proud to report that we're now tipping creators 100% of the advertising revenue from based on their contributions to both traffic and community.

If you think you should be paid fairly for your efforts, then is the place for you.

Here is the latest progress report...
gFam Monthly Progress Report - March

Thanks so much for reading...

The Grantee Report

Imagine having access to a platform that serves as a guide to the world of Web Monetization. freeCodeCamp, a previous grantee of the Interledger Foundation, offered training on different monetization strategies but specifically on how to make money from your website without having to reply on third party advertisers or selling your users data.

Ania Kubow, through this course, provided insights on what Web Monetization is and how it can possibly work.


Here is freeCampCodeCamp's report with details for review.

Join Interledger Foundation at the Global Digital Development Forum in Washington, DC

Are you interested in open payments, digital financial services, and global economic inclusivity? We are excited to participate in the Global Digital Development Forum and to showcase how the Interledger Foundation works with local communities to surface new ways of thinking, building, and implementing systems that show it’s good business to be inclusive.

From indigenous communities and cultural discovery to locally-led microfinance and utility payments and services, meet our panelists who are leaders building inclusion from within from Bitke (Kenya), Kult (Brazil), Paystreme (Central America), People’s Clearinghouse (Mexico), and Thitsaworks (Myanmar).

Interledger’s panel discussion is scheduled for Thursday, April 27 at 13:00 pm GMT (1:00 pm GMT/9:00 am EST).

Click here to register for #GDDF2023

Forum co-sponsors: USAID, Chemonics, IBM, Deloitte, DAI, Google, RTI International, Save the Children, Interledger Foundation, Bixal, and Palladium on the TechChange platform.

Participate in the Open Payments Huddle on April 27th

Have you registered for our next Open Payments Huddle: Researchers Roundtable scheduled for April 27th?

Join us for this month’s community conversation with ILF grantees: Natalie Axton,Lior Zalmanson,Yotam Liel, and Denny George w. Sarah Rezaei & Hansika Kapoor as panelists to discuss their research projects on the adoption of Web Monetization and open payments in various groups.

To get further information on the various research projects and how to register visit:

We’ll be back next week with more news to share!

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