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Weekly Round Up Post! (February, 15th 2021)

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Another week, another highlight of some fantastic posts. We have podcasts, conversations, questions and helpful guides. Hit the rabbit hole!

A great resources for on boarding new creators!

Hammed Babatunde provides an easy but still detailed deep dive into becoming a WM creator. We need more of these resources. At GftW we are very open to hearing how we can better facilitate this!

Do we have a digital wallet problem?

One aspect many of us are starting to struggle with is ILP enabled wallets. There is a lack of options and methods that need to be addressed for adoption top grow wider. In this post Matthew Linares sparks a good conversation about this. What would you add?

A new WM podcast!

Vivid IoV Labs has a new podcast Just A Meme where they are having innovators in Web Monetization talk about their work. There seven episodes so far with guests like Casey Herd, Will & Dulce from Immers-spaceand more! Also notice we are now collecting WM podcasts on the left side nav under, you guessed it, "Podcasts"

The Arts & Web Monetization

Building on the podcasts, Vivid IoV Labs' Greg Hannam talks with Briana Stuart from The Creative Living for Dancers Project and Casey Herd from Ballet Rising about Web Monetization, how it works, and why it's important for people in the dance industry to understand it as we shift into the digital world.

A new way of looking at audio

Mark Boas Continues to detail their experiments in Web Monetized audio/video produced at online (...and one day again in person?) conferences. He previews some of their prototypes that will be used at Mozfest

Erica uses the community get answers!

Erica Hargreave had an issue/question about using the Coil WordPress WM plugin and so she asked the community, and she got answers. Great use of the space Erica! Everyone should try this!

New people are joining!

Say a quick hello to Dr. Carol JVF Burns she found this community serendipitously and brought both a novel approach to WM and math education and asked a good question about how to use the Forem! Help us welcome Dr. Burns by commenting in her thread! And if you know someone who would benefit from and/or contribute to this community, please invite them!

Header image: Photo by Benoit Beaumatin on Unsplash

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