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Weekly Round-Up Post! (June 21st, 2021)

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We are growing! We have added over 24 new grant funded projects to the community with more to join over the coming months. The growth is exciting and we would ask all our "regulars" to welcome our n00bs by offering advice, connecting the work and helping us make new projects feel part of something bigger. All of our work is stronger in the open, working collaboratively and looking for ways to grow together!

Weekly discussion topic:

We have some valuable insights being shared by past and present grantees to our incoming cohort, but there is still time to share your thoughts. We would be most grateful if you would!

Kicking off our monthly community/demo calls in June!

Here are all the details, including how to register (free!) for the call

Come for the community, stay for the WM hacks!

Jeremiah Lee is an active and talented WM community member who is always challenging the community to advance the big ideas while building examples of where this tech might go. Check how he developed a way to better understand how WM content is performing.

Co-design to grow "Micro Donations"

The team at the Waag is using a dynamic community co-design approach to grow the capability and perception of what Web Monetization can do. If you are interested in WM and philanthropic work and community software development, these posts from Hannah are a must read!

Speaking of micro-payments as part of a non-profits fundraising plan

Brandon Roy from MHz Curationist continues their exploration on what methods new non-profits can employ to grow and sustain themselves. Spoiler Alert: Micropayments are included.

Projects wrapping up

Few people have been on this journey with us as long and with fierce dedication then Andrzej Mazur and Enclave Games. This final report is an amazing example to all grantees on both how to report/share and how to execute a project, even with inevitable twists and turns.

More projects wrapping up: Zombie!

John Rhea Was not a zombie in how he approach this grant! He was so productive, (3 books!) had practical results (need to understand JavaScript and WM? Start here) and brought a sense of play to everything he did. Check out this JavaScript Monetization API Cheat Sheet

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Jeremiah Lee • Edited

Thank you for including me! And the kind words.

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Chris Lawrence

of course, this community is not exclusively for grantees