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Your Weekly Roundup

Spring has sprung!

This week the Web Monetization community is buzzing with more action plans, new grant & funding opportunities, project updates, grant reports & upcoming community events. Plus! Get your Coil membership and attend the MozFest post-fesitval Festival.

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More Action Plans

graeme for Prototypr plans to solve these 2 issues using Web Monetization

We plan to use Web Monetization to solve these 2 issues:

  1. Paywalls: there has been a rise in centralized publishing platforms optimizing for paywalled business models that create a barrier to free learning.

  2. Targeted Ads: platforms (e.g. Facebook/Instagram) are optimised to harvest and exploit user data to sell targeted ads, and content surfaced is geared specifically to sell a corporate product.

Action Plan
By integrating Web Monetization into the Prototypr platform, we want to create a privacy-friendly and unbiased place for creators to earn from their content, whilst keeping it accessible to anyone with internet access. Here are some ways we plan to use Web-Monetization to increase access to information:

Open Source
Our platform is being open-sourced, so you can set up your own version of Prototypr. The process of building the site is being documented at, so you can learn how to set up your own Web-Monetized publishing platform like ours.

Ad-Free Rewards
The Prototypr website currently uses Web-Monetization through embedding a metatag with our payment pointer in the head of our website, meaning our payment pointer appears on every page of the website.

Coil and Web-Monetized Visitor Perks
Prototypr is currently supported by ads. As a perk for web-monetized users, those visiting Prototypr with a web monetization provider will have the option to turn ads.

Ian Forrester’s action plan is a new funding model to pay artists & creators

The existing models for distributing DJ mixes is frankly painful with many DJs having to fight with take-down notices and copyright flags.

I am investigating ways to self-host and share DJ mixes with the care and attention of what a DJ would like to bring to the mix, and include a way to pay the artist/creator of the music in the mix.

Ways in Which I Am Web Monetizing These Resources
Currently I am Web Monetizing the whole of the site but I am going to change the audio player to HyperaudioLite and take advantage of the new feature to pay per section of the audio.

As a DJ, my main interest is to share the mix with as many as possible without limits and constraints. I will turn off WebMon for myself and use the payment providers of the artists instead. As I expect many artists have not heard of WebMon and so I recommend using payment providers of charities and non-profits instead (same ones Mozilla have used throughout the Mozilla virtual festival).

Click the links to continuing reading graeme & Ian's action plans

New Project Update

Gavin Chait for Qwyre launches first web-monetized short-story competition

African speculative fiction is finally achieving recognition. Nnedi Okorafor and Tade Thompson have won all the awards. All of them. And amazing anthologies like Dominion edited by Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki and Zelda Knight have introduced some amazing authors, like Dilman Dila and Mame Bougouma Diene, to a wider audience.

We can do more. is live and we want to showcase awesome writers while also promoting web monetization for authors.

We are offering $50 to each of the ten best African speculative fiction short-stories published on by 30 April 2022.

Most fiction competitions end there, with the prize. But Qwyre can offer everyone - including those who aren't amongst the ten - the opportunity to earn direct from readers from the moment they're published.

To learn more about the competition, head over to Gavin’s post for more information.

A Final Grant Report

Nasir Khan shares final report for project Mukto Library

Mukto Library is a place to find books and everything around it. At the very beginning we planned to list books and write articles about different books. Later planned to include open licensed books here. From next month we will regularly add more and more books and people will be able to read here without downloading anything.

We are very happy that all of your initially planned featured has been developed and published. We will continue working on examining the reach and community around it.

What’s next?
We will try to explore new user groups. We have plans to host some offline events with other open communities and readers groups. We will learn from there activities and will invite them to join this online community.

So far we developed and published a number of features on our portal. For next one month or so we will monitor the user traffic sources and add more and more contents in the popular sections.

We have a few volunteers working here right now. But will need some funds to continue out expansion and meet the operational costs. We will be very happy if any community member of Grant for the Web wants to collaborate with us. We will also actively looking for other grants options as well.

To learn more about Nasir’s project, you can visit

Sharing the Wealth

Victoria Coker shares a list of new Grants & Funding Opportunities

Funding can be an issue so I am sharing grants and other funding opportunities all year long on this thread.

The list includes:

If you have any grant and/or funding opportunities, please leave a comment under Victoria's post.

Attend the MozFest post-festival and get your Coil membership

Erica Hargreave shares how to attend the MozFest post-festival festival, activate your special Coil Membership and continue to participate in The Grand MozFest Web Monetization Experiment

As we all nurse our MozFest festival week hangovers, I thought I'd take a moment to share that this is only the beginning of the journey with ideas discussed at MozFest and with The Grand Web Monetization Experiment and utilizing your extra special MozFest Coil memberships.

Didn't Get a MozFest Ticket and a Hence an Extra Special MozFest Coil Account?

Not to worry! You can still get a MozFest ticket, as the post-festival festival is open until June 25th, 2022. And once you have your golden ticket, you will be sent an email to activate your new Coil Account, including a 6-month pre-paid membership and $10 US in pre-paid tips to experiment with Coil's MozFest only tipping experiment.

Activate Your 6-Month PrePaid MozFest Coil Membership...
... and Support Your Fellow MozFest Creatives

At MozFest 2022, all attendees will (or will have already) receive(d) an extra special email in their Inbox entitled, ‘Activate Your Coil Membership Trial For MozFest’. This email and the gift from Coil that comes with it is to enable you to participate in The Grand MozFest Web Monetization Experiment.

To take part in The Grand MozFest Web Monetization Experiment, Coil is sending you a 6-month prepaid Coil membership and access to their new tipping feature with $10 US in prepaid tips for you to give out to Web Monetized Resources of your choosing. This means we all get to spread the love around during and post MozFest to Internet Health and Social Good projects, at no individual cost! And if you Web Monetize the resources that you are sharing at the festival, you could earn to an Internet Health and / or Social Good project, including your own.

The post-festival festival will be active until June 25th.

Upcoming Community Events

There’s still time to register for the March 28th Community Call hosted by GftW awardees Philo van Kemenade & Gunnar de Jong of project Gradual.

Gunnar and Philo will introduce Gradual and share why they believe social learning is so important in a community like ours. Earlier this month, Gradual powered a brand new Emergent Sessions track at MozFest. Gunnar and Philo will present what happened and most importantly; what they learned from this experience.

To register go to:

More community events are on the way, stay tuned!

Have a great weekend and Happy Spring!

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