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Your Weekly Roundup!

This week we’re going down memory lane. Bringing back to the top of your feed roundups from the past year!

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The Big Roundup!

Originally posted February 5, 2021

Chris rounded up the week with these highlights that featured a Global Game Jam, dancers leading the revolution and a web monetization podcast.

  • Enclave Games provides a good overview of Global Game Jam 2021 with Kernel Gaming Guild, IGDA Foundation, and Web Monetization. Update! You can register now for Global Game Jam 2022, for more information go to
  • Dancers are leading the revolution in WM and Art. Briana Stuart Announces the winners of the Creative Living for Dancers Award. Read more about these artists here. Briana's work at helping artist be in more control of their data and ways they earn revenue is inspiring!
  • A Web Monetization Podcast! Greg and Vivid IoVLabs introduced us to their Podcast, Just A Meme. It already features folks in the GftW/WM community like Casey from grantee Ballet Rising and Hessel from grantee Free Music Archive. This is a must listen podcast with more great episodes rolling out soon!

You can read more about their work here


A Super Sized Weekly Round-Up Post

Originally posted July 9, 2021

Chris rounded up the week with this Super Sized Edition that included many Grant for the Web projects wrapping up with their final reports. Here are a few of those final reports from past Awardees.

  • Pamela Alexander, Mindfulness Teacher, Wellness Educator and Grantee shared in her grant report how she overcame setbacks and adopted a true Do It Yourself (DIY!) attitude to get the site and Wellness Through Mindfulness course up and running. You can go here to learn more about Pamela's work.
  • Sharon & Elliot of project Akita shared an awesome final report detailing what they achieved over the course of the project such the creation of a website, building the Akita extension and planning and engaging in outreach initiative. Sharon and Elliot have also been helpful, engaged and talented WM community members. You can read Akita’s final report here.
  • Beck Boone of project Rootable, by Food Rescue Alliance’s final report focuses on New technology for social impact. The goal of this project was to develop a donation-based, fair exchange software that provides food distribution logistics to any community-based group, regardless of ability to pay. You can read full report here.

You can read much more here

The Last Blast Weekly Roundup!

Originally posted December 17, 2021

Ayesha shared the final round up of the year with a few farewell grant reports from projects such as MG.Social, FlipToons and Harbour.

  • Mathew Safford shared that new web app for project MG.Social is live in final report. In addition to accomplishing the goals of the project we had hoped to grow the MG.Social user base to at least 500 accounts by the end of 2021, we have blown past that goal and now have over 1350 user accounts as of December, 2021!
  • James Casia’s shared how the platform and project Fliptoons for comic readers and creators is fully functioning in final report. James noted the completion of the comic reader page, a web monetized comic title page, a creator dashboard and home page showcasing the Discover, Top Ranking, New Releases, New Episodes, and Continue Reading section.
  • Joshua Elkes' project Harbour’s new tool creates a way to access online content. Joshua writes in his final report how he set out to create a way for anyone online to request permission to use content from a creator under a creative commons license. You can Joshua’s report here.

You can read the full weekly roundup here

We can't say this enough, but thank you again for your continued support, sharing of ideas, creativity and innovation has allowed our community to grow.

See you next week!

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