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Your Weekly Roundup is here and back on schedule!

This weeks highlights include a conversation on climate change and web monetization, Metasebia Yosef welcomes you the future, Web Monetization is on at Kult, grant reports from Mukto Library and Electric Book Works, a blast from the past and upcoming Grant for the Web events!

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Minimizing the CO2 impact on climate with the help of Web Monetization

Nic for MOVA shared The climate impact of the web is big and growing fast. Could Web Monetization help?

In the days before signing the contract for our project MOVA, I came close to withdrawing. I'd made a commitment in the application —and to myself— to make sure our project minimised CO2 impact, which would then be offset. If successful the project's impacts would be monitored, reduced and offset too. But as we started turning functional specs into technical ones, the more clear it became how badly I was falling at this first hurdle of minimising impact.

Head over this Nic’s thread and add your thoughts on this topic.

Addis Futures Lab pushes forward

Metasebia Yoseph shares with us an update on her project Addis Futures Lab

After a bit of a delay and some bumps in the road getting the Addis Futures + project team together and then getting everyone to fully understand the vision for Digital Gojo, as a platform for creative content for and by creatives across the Ethiopian diaspora, we finally have found our stride!

Thanks for update Metasebia, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Kult is now allowing peer-to-peer micropayments using WM!

Patrick Rahy for Kult writes...

We are glad to share with the community that Kult is now allowing peer-to-peer micropayments using WM! This is such a great milestone for us and we want to share our initial thoughts with you :)

If you would like to test out their website, Helena Tude shares details on how to setup your account in the thread.

The Grant “Book” Reports are in….

Mukto Library is building a community for book lovers in Grant Report #1

Nasir Khan for Mukto Library writes

When we started the project we set some milestones for each month. So far we covered most of that. The progress of the project is good. Though we planned to make some additional progress at the beginning. But we are confident that at the end of December 2021 we will be able to complete all the features.

Electric Book Works produce their Final “Book” Report

Lauren Ellwood shares the final report for the Electric Book Works project.

As a publishing partner to thought leaders around the world, we’re consistently reminded of the importance of publishing openly. Where possible, we believe at Electric Book Works that well-researched content should be freely available to all who choose to access it. To maintain this ethos, the need for research into new, ethical revenue streams becomes even more important. As book production evolves and books are no longer only available in print but also as websites, ebooks, and PDFs, our understanding of how books bring in revenue must evolve too. We’re grateful to the Grant for the Web project for enabling us to experiment with web monetization as a means to generate income by conducting a case study on the use of web monetization on open-access content.

To Lauren and the Electric Book Works team, thank you for being apart of Grant for the Web!

Flashback Friday Feature: Little Webby Press

Originally Posted July 13 Andre Garzia for Little Webby Press project shared the final report

Little Webby Press has reached it's desired minimum lovable project status, and is ready for general usage. Authors can use the webapp to assemble eBooks and hotsites from their manuscripts thus enabling them to focus their time and effort into their craft instead of having to deal with desktop publishing tooling and trivia.
The project is feature complete in terms of the features that were planned for this grant — more about them below — and I'm happy to announce that we managed to generate eBooks with 100% of epubcheck compliance, which is harder than it should be.

If you are a lover of books, click the links to read more about these projects.

Upcoming Grant for the Web Community Events

Stay tuned for our November Community and December Skill Share. Details will be posted in the coming weeks.

See you next week!

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