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Your Weekly Roundup!

We’re heading into the weekend with new ILP Summit updates, project updates, grant reports, The Grantee Report, and upcoming community events!

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ILP Summit Updates

Call for Speakers Deadline Extended to September 9, 2022

We are looking for curious minds to join us in New Orleans and share their knowledge and experiments around the payments and financial inclusion ecosystem with the broader Interledger community.

Topic areas we are looking for sessions in:

  • Building with the Interledger Protocol network
  • Expanding the Web Monetization community and ecosystem
  • Broadening Financial Inclusion with technology and advocacy
  • Growing open payments, micro-transactions, and mobile money
  • Designing for Interoperability

Session Format:

  • General Session - 20-45 min: Slide or media presentation featuring use cases, best practices, demos, and/or strategy discussions.
  • Project Showcase - 20-30 min: Empower attendees with “how-to” focused demos showing and sharing tools, processes, and techniques while allowing participants to interact with the demo. No product pitches.
  • Breakout Groups - 45-60 min: Brainstorming, co-design, and paper prototyping with focus participation and group work.
  • Panel - 20-45 min: Interactive conversation providing insights into a relevant topic area featuring thought leaders, practitioners, and developers.

To be considered, please fill out our call for papers via

Interested in attending the ILP Summit, there’s still time to apply for our Travel Grant. We are facilitating up to 20 members of our community, from near and far, to attend the Summit via our expense paid Travel Grant Award.

Submission deadline is August 30, 2022!

Still have questions?! We have one remaining info session you can attend to get all your questions answered about the ILP Summit this November in New Orleans

Date & Time: Wednesday, August 23, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm EDT / 6:00 pm UTC

To get your ticket for this final info session, register here.

Project Updates

Yotam Liel shares new survey results for project Sharing values, sharing funds - Web Monetization as a catalyst for social change in 2 parts

People's views, preferences, and familiarity with online content monetization (part one)

How do people view online monetization, and how open are they to accepting the web-monetization model? Do people consider their “shared values” with the content creators and ideological and value-related topics when making online content consumption decision processes? Is there a difference in the consumption habits and preferences of people from underrepresented groups compared to the general population? In this post, we share fresh from the oven results from our first survey that aimed to answer these questions.

Part two - Ideological considerations in content consumption

After reporting our findings on people’s preferences and views on online content monetization models in the first part of our report, we now turn to discuss the topic of value-related considerations in content consumption choices.

Ballet Rising’s Casey Herd has a new move to share!

Hi all!
It’s been a while since I've posted in the community but I wanted to share a development on Ballet Rising as I see a lot of potential use for ILP in our new strategy.
Ballet Rising was originally conceived as a means of helping ballet artists in places around the world that have little or no history of ballet in their communities, by making the global community aware of their unique stories through media. Recently we’ve decided to become a grant program and we are in the process of becoming a non-profit based in The Netherlands. We aim to raise money from donations and government programs to help ballet schools and artists in places like Africa, the Middle-East, South Asia, and more.

Free Music Archive’s Article Series is back with 5 new chapters!

Meghan Laclé writes...

Chapter 6: The FMA team is proud to be able to continue this journey with Grant for the Web. The FMA mission remains clear; create sustainable spaces & systems in favor of independent creators to continue creating and sharing original music online.
One of our main objectives to research during our first project with Grant for the Web, was the communication of Coil to new users and creators. Observing the Web Monetization Community was and is essential to our research for implementing Web Monetization to FMA.
Chapter 7: With the Music Insiders by Free Music Archive podcast release, we were eager for more opportunities for FMA artists. We didn't have to look far. The FMA team was ready to join the MozFest 2022, specifically to try out the new tipping feature for Coil creators and a new way for FMA members and listeners to give support to FMA musicians.
Chapter 8: As you know, Free Music Archive is part of the Creative Commons Community offering FMA artists creative Commons licenses to add to each track they upload on FMA. We think it is special & remarkable that millions of people from around the world can listen to, share, and reuse music of talented independent artists with their consent. We bet many FMA tracks are part of amazing videos, short films, and podcasts!
Chapter 9: After hosting an FMA Community call with Grant For the Web, it was time for our team to host an FMA presentation for FMA artists to join and ask questions. We didn't have to think twice where to host the FMA presentation as we have been participating in other community calls on Eventbrite.
Chapter 10: As we continue our journey with Grant for the Web, our main focus remains to continue to execute FMA Deliverables and FMA Next objectives.

You can read Meghan’s recap of Chapters 1-5 here

Simon Metson shares new updates from Auditarky

We've been updating Audiotarky and one of the features we've added is an area for blogs. We're interviewing some of our artists, and have approached a few artists to do guest blogs. Blogs have an ILP so their authors recieve streamed payment when someone with Coil reads them.
I thought it might be of interest to the community here, and have hastily pulled together a Google form to collect submissions. If you want to review a release or write about music in general, I'd be interested in seeing what you've got to say. No guarantees that submissions will go on the site, things off topic, boring, illegal, offensive etc certainly won't, and content may get edited.
Happy to answer any questions as comments.

Grant Reports

Hessel van Oorschot for Free Music Archive is back with a Progress Report

We are back with an FMA Progress Report and we did our best to summarize all the relevant bits for you to reuse, learn from or in some cases even avoid. Have fun!
Looking Back at 2021
One of our main objectives to research during our first project with Grant for the Web was Coil's communication towards new users and creators. Observing and learning from the Web Monetization Community remains essential to our research for implementing Web Monetization on Free Music Archive (FMA).
If you search for "FMA" on this community portal you will find more published reports and documents by us. One document I like to highlight for now:
Our research last year combined examples of the different directions other teams took. What did they have in common? They tried to tweak the language and keywords to match their specific target audience. Obviously to increase the adoption rate.
FMA's power on the web, for many years, is its leading position on search engines and massive traffic. But we were lacking professional tooling and strategy to understand how to Web Monetization on FMA.

Jakari Sherman for Company XV Dance shares challenges and successes in progress report

Hello Everyone!
Company XV is a virtual dance company with XV designating an eXperiment in Virtual Dance. We strive to be an artist-first company. We do this by making our artists the face of our company and by giving them agency in the development of our season. We began this incredible exploration at the top of this year.
Artistic and administrative planning began in January 2022. The development phase included staff confirmation in March, website completion, and onboarding artists in April. The project moved from development to implementation in June with our debut performance. The administrative staff now meets weekly and we have released two additional digital works on the Co.XV website.
We experienced some initial challenges in hiring. Some shortlisted artists were not available, others confirmed participation but their offer was reneged when they did not submit required documents. Website development also created delays in our expected launch due to a few technical issues and content creation delays.
Progress on Objectives
The Company is still operating with the objective of democratizing the relationship between the company, artists, and patrons. As we continue to determine processes and administration systems, we are gathering input from the artists. We have set a weekly artist meeting to maintain engagement and feedback.
The company has been successful thus far in operating 90% virtually. All internal operations and meetings have been conducted virtually, primarily through Google Meet. We have released two digital works to-date with two more set to launch over the next two months. Co.XV now has 255 followers on Instagram.

Tessel closes out grant project MicroMemberships in final report

Waag Futurelab contributes to open, fair and inclusive technology. We developed the the Public Stack model to reveal the underlying assumptions and design process of technological innovations, to advance technology that truly empowers citizens and is built on public value(s). One of the layers of the Public Stack model pays attention to business models. What business models are underlying the technologies that we use? But also, how can we make sure online business models are facilitated by an open, fair and inclusive technology stack? These questions informed our research on online business models in the projects MicroDonor and MicroMemberships.
The MicroMemberships project, spanning from January till July 2022, allowed us to conduct research into web monetization memberships models that are built on public values. This implies a.o. open standards, transparency of data use and underlying revenue models. Does web monetization in the shape of micro memberships have the potential to provide for an interesting – as well as open, fair and inclusive - business model for creatives and content makers? How could these be used by content collectives?
This was a follow up project of MicroDonor, an investigation into micro donation based web monetization, on which you can find all publications on our website.

Adelya Latifulina shares wins in round two of project Gib in final report

Project Update
After six very exciting months, we are proud to present our work from this grant cycle! We were able to end on a great note, by showing our work to our local community (pic above). Along with technical development, it's important to us to be able to communicate our idea to everyone, so we invited a group of friends, family, co-workers, and the public, all from different backgrounds, to share their first impressions of our project in our first ever public screening and demo.
Progress on objectives
In broad strokes, our intentions were to work with legal counsel and technical talent to carefully and correctly implement a working demo of our project Gib, a gift card for the Internet. We were also (and still are) really interested in Rafiki, so we set a goal for ourselves to have at least one pull request for their repo. Last but not least, we wanted to create public facing media. Initially we thought this would be through a technical blogger. In the end, however, the technical writing was mostly for commenting out code, and our idea for public facing media became more playful as we instead focused on a concise and clear 90 second explainer video! It is with a deep sigh of relief that we can share in this update that we were able to fulfill each of our goals.**

A round of applause to projects MicroMemberships and Gib for being Interledger Foundation grantees. Please continue sharing your work here on the community space, we’d love to see what you’ll be up to in the future!

The Grantee Report

This is an ongoing weekly series highlighting a Grantee sharing with our community details about their project. This week we bring to the forefront the social platform Kult.

Kult is a social platform for culture and entertainment content curation. With over 5,000 registered users on the platform, including influencers mainly from minority groups, Kult is pleased to provide a space to share and discover movies, series, music, and podcasts with a passionate community; whilst exploring the possibilities of Web Monetization.

Read up more on Kult’s project here.

Community Events

Join the next ILP Community Call session on September 14

We’ll have 5 regular update slots from:

  • Interledger Foundation
  • Rafiki
  • Fynbos
  • Coil
  • Open Payments teams
  • with additional slots open for anyone that would like to share their project or a discussion item for the broader community.

ILP Community Call Meeting Notes & Recording from August 10, 2022

If you missed last week’s call, you can find the notes and recordings from the ILP Community Call - 10 August 2022 that include updates from ILF and Coil and progress on Rafiki at the link above.

Attend Gradual’s upcoming session Ways to web monetize your work: examples from the community on Friday, September 9th, 2022 at 4-5 PM CET

This session will be a show and tell for all current and past gftw grantees to showcase implementations of web monetization in their projects to get each other excited!

REGISTER HERE to attend this session

That's it for now!

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