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Your Weekly Roundup

In case you missed last week’s weekly roundup.

Here’s a recap!

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Highlights included the ILP Summit 2023, our current open call for proposals, final reports from ILF Financial Services grantees, and updates for and from the community. Here’s a look back!

Calling on the ILF Community to strengthen our Ecosystems for Growth at ILP Summit 23

Join friends from around the world, sharing how ILP is solving issues in their communities, sharing insights and experiences of the regulatory environment, and learning more about the funding landscape. There’s also the opportunity to get hands-on with the tech and get involved in an ILP Hackathon tackling what's new and what’s next in the protocol.

Find out how you can participate at

Upcoming Open Call for Proposals and Office Hour Sessions

Want to apply for the 2023 ILP-enabled Financial Services Open Call for Proposals or the Ambassadors Open Call for Proposals, attend an office hours session to get your questions answered.

ILP-enabled Financial Services Office Hours

Ambassadors Open Call for Proposals Office Hours

ILF Financial Services Cohort Grant Reports

We take a look at final reports from the People’s Clearinghouse and Paystreme.

Roberto Valdovinos for the People’s Clearinghouse shares how public visibility has shifted their platform into the next level.

In our previous progress report we mentioned that a major win was the public validation of the project: how the Interledger Summit and the following meetings and events allowed us to realize how important this project could become, through the eyes of others. Since then, thanks to several events and foremost of all the Public Forum for Digital Financial Inclusion, that public visibility has shifted into the next level: it’s not the validation of an idea anymore, it’s the acceptance of a concrete, existing platform. The People’s Clearinghouse now exists, and is a platform that institutions and organizations can and perhaps should connect with.

Fernando Almiñana for Paystreme writes about the remarkable impact on its target audience and communities.

Project Update
These past few months have been remarkably impactful and significant for the Wallet Guru team. We have not only expanded our team by bringing in key and invaluable members, but our understanding of the market has also grown exponentially. Now, more than ever, we are thrilled to embark on the next phase of our development and create a product that will not only make a meaningful impact on the community but also revolutionize the industry as we know it. This report will encompass key activities and provide updates on the latest changes in our project. We would like to extend a special thanks to the ILP members and community for actively engaging with us during these past few months and for offering valuable feedback and engaging in constructive conversations. We genuinely appreciate all the time and effort you have contributed.

Community Updates

Need help writing your proposal, here’s a great article to help you avoid those 7 red flags!

Monthly update from gFam for

Casey Herd asks the community about micropayments with the rise of LLMs

Share your updates, leave a comment under a post, get to know other community members. We want to hear from you!

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