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Your Weekly Roundup

This week awardees look to engage through skill sharing, another needs your help and offers an incentive, a project reaches the finish line and MozFest!

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Gunnar of project Gradual wants you to take part in community through skill sharing

Hi there everyone! I want to take this opportunity to introduce Gradual to the community. We're a new grantee and we're setting out to initiate a journey for all of us to learn from and with each other.

In fast-moving, innovative domains - like the Web Monetization community - technical systems and the knowledge required to contribute are often so dynamic that structured learning resources aren’t widely available. We want to empower members in the Web Monetization community with a safe and accessible space to learn with others as we grow into a healthy, social and connected ecosystem!

Hop over to Gunnar’s post to learn more and join.

Meghan & Hessel of project [Free Music Archive] are in search of musicians

Help needed: Who can recommend a super easy, highly adaptable and secure e-identity system so we can verify and certify 'rightsholders' (aka composers and performing artists)?

User experience: Musician visits his/her profile page on Free Music Archive and is asked to verify his/her identity. In return - after successfully going through the steps - we will reward the artist with a 'verified by FMA' badge.

If you're interested, head to their post to learn more.

Nic of project MOVA reaches the final report finish line in 3 parts

MOVA started with a relatively simple goal: to provide a way to connect a video with a Payment Pointer, which would share out income received to multiple parties –such as the creative team, funders, or influencers– in a precise, highly configurable way. It's got three parts which I'd like to introduce, presenting the challenges we faced with each and our response:

The first part of this project, which connects a video with an ILP Payment Pointer (as well as a license and almost any kind of metadata) is done with a new Mac, Windows & Linux app called mova (with website:

2: Revenue Share Language, Cascade & CiviSplit
The second part of this project produces, stores and then pays out a precise and flexible revenue sharing plan for any income at an ILP Payment Pointer, and is a collection of technologies together presented at

3: (a PeerTube instance for Creative Commons work)
This part of the project was originally designed to showcase the other two, and we planned to use full-length interview rushes from documentaries to encourage a new form of Creative Commons Web Monetization for documentary makers around their unused assets (if they won't make their finished films Creative Commons, at least they could release the 'cutting room floor'.

Many thanks to Nic for being a GftW awardee and active member of the Web Monetization Community.

An experiment in tipping at MozFest

Chris for Interledger Foundationwrites…

We know the Web Monetization community has been waiting for an opportunity to experiment with new Web Monetization features. Finally, we have our chance! In partnership with Mozilla and Coil, we are excited to host a MozFest-wide experiment in tipping!

MozFest is fully virtual this year, and all ticket holders (last year there were 10,000+) will be given a free Coil account, prepopulated with $10 USD of credits that can be used to stream micropayments and to tip single amounts. Our aim is to use these peer-to-peer payments across the festival to introduce attendees to Interledger and Web Monetization technology while supporting resources benefitting the free and open web.

PS: Erica Hargreave invites you to join in The Grand MozFest Web Monetization Experiment, click the link below to get involved.

And don’t forget to join next week’s Grant for the Web Community Call

The Grant for the Web Program Team will host the Community Call, MozFest Edition on Thursday, February 24 at 12:00 pm EST.

To register, go to to get your ticket for this informative session.

We will discuss

  • Details on how to participate in the tipping beta
  • How you can make sure your content and projects can participate and be available for tips from MozFest Participants
  • How to help advocate and talk tom others about Web Monetization and your projects

Before the Community Call you might want to:

  • Get a ticket: The best way to join the experiment is to get a MozFest ticket. This gets you on the mailing list for the Coil accounts with tipping. Tickets are ‘Pay what you can’. Feel free to use award funds to purchase a ticket, and if you are unable to contribute much at this time, know that the Interledger Foundation is supporting the festival as a top-level sponsor.
  • See examples of project content featured last year
  • Let the Program Team know if you are currently involved in MozFest in another capacity

We hope to see you at the Community Call and MozFest!

Header Image by geralt from Pixabay

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