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Inside FMA - Chapter 9

In this short article, FMA Team shares inside updates, outcomes and follow ups related to the rebuild of the global iconic music service: Free Music Archive. The FMA mission remains clear; create sustainable spaces & systems in favor of independent creators to continue creating and sharing original music online.

Chapter 9

After hosting an FMA Community call with Grant For the Web, it was time for our team to host an FMA presentation for FMA artists to join and ask questions. We didn't have to think twice where to host the FMA presentation as we have been participating in other community calls on Eventbrite.

community calls

During the FMA presentation, we presented a timeline of the past journey and what our objectives for the coming months. We also gathered feedback and suggestions from FMA artists such as:

FMA Artist suggestion 1:

“User Statistics”
“Random button within genre”

FMA Artist Feedback 2:

“I personally would want to add a comment tab.
“I think the emoji's is a great idea. I would take inspiration from NewGrounds, but doing it in a more simple and professional way”

Most participants were FMA artists interested to follow FMA news and updates. We will continue to use platforms such as Eventbrite to host call so the FMA and Web monetized community.

Learning from the WM Community

As mentioned, FMA were eager to participate in the FMA Community Calls with Grant for the Web. Not just to share our updates and introduce FMA to new grantees, but also to learn from the other projects as much as possible. For example, we loved seeing the Coil scrollable paywall on Mural, micropayments sharing feature on Hyperaudio and verification system on Fliptoons.

coil community

In recent months we pulled UI/UX experts together and asked them to start working on a new front-end for FMA. Of course because we listen to a large group of talented artists willing to host all their music and related data on FMA.

new templates

With the new upcoming template for artists and learning from the web monetized community, we were able to integrate a more efficient and user-friendly monetization wizard for FMA artist to add their payment pointer on FMA.

Also, artists will have additional payment pointer sections for the artist to add such as collaborators, but also charities of their picking in order to spread the support further with Coil.

new designs

But, while many startups are figuring out "Web3" this is also perfect timing for us to integrate payment pointers, shared monetization, tipping and other relevant features in a user-friendly workflow. Combined with the global community, traffic and trust FMA already enjoys this can morph into the global, open standard for music (revenue) sharing. As you know, without open standards there will be no web3.0

The more we interact with Grant for the Web participants, FMA user groups and UI experts the clearer it gets: there is a real hunger to try new tech and revenue models but the real challenge for the upcoming months is to increase the user adoption.

More Coil Creators on FMA

As we continue to onboard more FMA musicians to Coil and putting together a strategic plan to communicate Coil to FMA listeners, with the past FMA research and the Coil Help Center, we published the FMA Coil Page for new users and creators to follow with instructions and relevant links.

Coil on FMA

Our objective to grow this space into a web monetization hub on FMA, where new artists with can always have a chance to be in the spotlight, help us showcase monetization to other artists, and where FMA listeners can learn about Coil membership and get to know Coil Creators on FMA.

Next to sharing Coil and web monetization news to our FMA community. We also have directly communicated Coil to at least 500 new FMA artists that joined FMA since 2021, onboarding and helping each artist interested in monetizing their artist page.

We will continue to reach out to assist and make sure the monetization of the artist is set up properly and implement upcoming Coil communication on FMA to also help onboard FMA users to become Coil members and support FMA artists!

The FMA team will communicate web monetization at a larger scale when we relaunch of Free Music Archive (new UI/UX) at the Future Music Forum 2022 in Barcelona, which will be our next "web monetization" communication event.


New FMA Objective

As Free Music Archive is hosting unlimited amounts of CC licensed music while the musicians can enable web monetization on their artist, album and song page, we know we must continue to do more.

The FMA team has learned a lot about individuals willing to spend time curating, sharing and promoting artists successfully. The missing link today is the toolkit for musicians and enthusiasts to monetize content together. When do we know it's successful?

We believe it will be a combination of valuable insights about fair revenue sharing via web monetization and the community of participants starting to spread the word and showing others how to join and contribute.

Our main goals?
To research and unleash a resilient payment infrastructure and promote inclusive and sustainable monetization models for musicians in the music sector. We have to start with artists 100% in control and willing to experiment with new business models.

Our next steps?
The FMA team wants to do our best to ensure our support for FMA musicians with new tooling and opportunities on Free Music Archive to bring forward their value in the music industry, in societies, cultures and around the world.

We will continue to keep an open-door policy to all artists, musicians and members that has any advice and suggestions for FMA.

More inside stories by FMA?
The FMA team will share insights we have gathered with our FMA community and publish them on
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