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gFam Monthly Progress Report - November 2023

Hi everyone! is a little corner of the internet that tries really hard to be a nice place to get to know people from all over the globe.

People share little stories about their day and life, and we've learnt so much about how people live in various different countries. In exchange for their effort in posting, the creators receive a portion of the platform's advertising revenue based on their interaction with the community. Together the creators of the day receive 100% of the advertising revenue.

It's obviously super hard to create a platform and have people use it regularly, and so every month we provide a progress report on how everything is going... there's lots of stats and funness:

November 2023 Monthly Progress report for

We've incorporated web monetization in the past, and will re-integrate the Interledger Protocol when its all ready so that creators can earn directly from subscribers.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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