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Monthly Report for gFam

Hi everyone!

We've included some GftW project reporting into our monthly analytics reports.

Here is February 2021's report. It includes progress we've made in the last month which has been really exciting for us because we've released some new features.

Ninth month for gFam

Thanks for reading!

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Brandon Wilson • Edited

This doesn't include all the micropayments flowing through gFam from Coil subscribers to Coil creators... because, ah, we still haven't figured out how to get those stats.

You could use a receipt verifier to determine web monetization amounts. However, there isn't currently a way of knowing the asset code or scale of the receipt amounts (when you're not the recipient). For now, you could consider the amounts as a floor of total nano-XRP received via web monetization.

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Thanks Brandon! I didn't know this was out there. Thanks for the tip... I've included it as a story in our sprint board. Thanks so much!

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Nick J

Always good to read up on your progress! I can't imagine the frustration you're having with marketing companies, and I agree you're probably better off doing it yourself.