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gFam Monthly Progress Report - May

Hi everyone!

We're on the hunt for two kinds of people...

1.) Content consumers that enjoy connecting with people all over the world and learning about the good and bad parts of people's day.

2.) Content creators that want to build a supportive audience, build up their content and help bring traffic to while getting their share of the advertising revenue.

We know there are lots of people out there that fit into either or both categories, but we are finding it hard... we're essentially onboarding people one friend group at a time.

Until Web Monetization is back up and running, we're distributing 100% of our advertising revenue to our creators... but we're not generating much at the moment because no one likes ads (including us).

Here is our latest progress report:

gFam Monthly Progress Report - May

We're still very keen to work with everyone in the Web Monetization space, so please let us know if we can help you build up your community.


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