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Your Weekly Roundup!

We're a day early! And since it's Throwback Thursday, we are highlighting past grant reports. Also Jemima Gibbons reboots Design Club and Richard Davey's final report...

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Throwback Thursday Grant Reports

We dug into our crates and found five grant reports that were great to reshare..

Originally Posted August 23 by Brett Gaylor of Discriminator Grant Report #2

The Discriminator web documentary that Grant For The Web supported was completed in early June. Our team produced an interactive experience roughly 15 minutes long that explored my experience of having my photos included in the MegaFace database, and the phenomenon of facial recognition databases more broadly.

Orignially Posted August 9 by Flaki of the Waasabi project Final Grant Report

It’s been a year since Waasabi's first prototype was conceived, so amidst the ongoing planning of our second large conference and onboarding of new early-adopters to Waasabi Beta it's time we discussed what's already done and what we sets ours sights on for the the upcoming updates.

Originally Posted August 2 by Briana Stuart of the STU Arts Dance: Creative Living for Dancers project β€” Grant Report #2

I believe that I made a difference within the dance community (no matter how small) by serving as a bridge to new knowledge and opportunity. I also deepened my love for my fellow dancers, dance entrepreneurship & empowerment and providing resources for others. I began to see the possibilities of technology in a new way as well as the importance of finding balance (more below). I even expanded into Dance Coaching by working with my first test client.

Orginally Posted July 15 by Josh Senyak of Tembo, the easy web database builder β€” Grant Report #2

Tembo is a WordPress plugin that lets you build relational database applications quickly and easily. You publish these applications as new WordPress plugins. You can use your newly-built plugin immediately on your own site; even better, you can distribute it to the world so that anybody can benefit from your work.

Originally Posted July 13th by Catalina Goanta of the Monetizing philanthropy project final report Monetizing philanthropy: Our browser extension, interdisciplinary research findings & plans ahead

Up Next! A Project Update Design Club: Reboot

Jemima Gibbons of Design Club: Reboot shares new update

We're nearing the end of β€œDesign Club: Reboot”, our project funded by Grant for the Web. Here’s a progress report - originally published on the Design Club blog.

Last September we were thrilled to win $15,000 funding from Grant for the Web after the pandemic had forced us to pause clubs in early 2020.

Of course, we were keen to reboot Design Club and this new funding has been crucial in helping us explore hybrid delivery.

You can read the full progress report for more details on the reboot.

And we close with Ricard Davey's Final Report

Richard Davey of the Phaser and Pixi Web Monetization project shares the final report

It has been 5 months since the release of our Game Web Monetization Plugin. Billed as "an easy-to-use Web Monetization Plugin for HTML5 game frameworks, including Phaser and Pixi" we released it in April 2021. Although this final report is shockingly overdue, the time span has at least given us some insight into adoption of the plugin since then.

Our objectives were as follows:
To release the Game Web Monetization Plugin.
To publish a comprehensive tutorial on using the plugin.
To translate the tutorial into Spanish and Chinese.
To help promote the plugin.

We completed all of these tasks in April 2021, although the promotion has of course been on-going since then.

That's all for now, more to come, see you next week!

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