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Your Weekly Roundup

This week we look back at the live community engagements hosted by the Grant for the Web Team and Awardees, share a little about their projects and what’s next in this series.

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Our very first Community Call

On June 24, 2021 the GftW Program Team (Ayesha, Chris & Erika) hosted the very first Community Call. During this first installment we shared updates, opportunities and invited 3 awardees to do project share-outs.

Community Calls and Project Skill Shares are times to gather as a network and discuss trends we are seeing, plan together, and hear updates from ecosystem projects. Community member(s) design, curate, and lead the session with logistical facilitation from the Grant for the Web Program Team.

You can watch our first community call here

A very engaging Community Call with Erica Hargreave and friends

Erica Hargreave of with the creative help of Pamela Alexander and Briana Stuart hosted an conversation that was lighthearted, relaxed and mindfully filled session.

Participants did a meditation icebreaker led by Pamela, master of mindfulness and shared insight into how we are all helping to bridge connections in the Web Monetization community. Btw meditation rocks! Erica shared an update on the Web Monetisation Libraries on StoryToGo that she set up to help to begin connecting the projects. Briana shared with us her work and the connections she’s made throughout her project.

Erica Hargreave is an Immersive & Interactive X-Platform Storyteller & Educator at Ahimsa Media / StoryToGo / Roamancing.

Pamela Alexander is a EdTech Entrepreneur, Mindfulness Teacher, Wellness Educator, Founder of Pamela J. Alexander Wellness.

Briana Stuart’s The Creative Living for Dancers project provides relevant professional development content as well as financial resources to promote the web monetization of dance content in the digital world.

Snake Nation Community Call with GftW Ambassador Kokayi Issa

Hosted by Snake Nation’s Tawanda Brandon & Karl Carter with the help of GftW Ambassador Kokayi Issa.

This was a great discussion about how members of the grant for the web community can explore the platform and how they have incorporated Web Monetization and ILP on the Snake Nation platform.

Watch Snake Nation's Community Call on YouTube

About Snake Nation
Snake Nation works to help creators of color enter the global creative economy(GCE), due to lack of diversity in mature markets.

GftW Ambassador, Kokayi Issa is a GRAMMY-nominated musician as an improvisational vocalist appearing on over 60 titles spanning: Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock and R&B. He is also a designer, artist and educator serving as a guest faculty at the School of Improvisational Music, a OneBeat mentor, a freelance music emissary with the U.S. State Department, and as a Music Supervisor - Untitled Interactive Games.

MOVA’s December Skill Share

Nic Wistreich of MOVA (Monetising Open Video Assets) hosted the last community event of the year.

During the Skill Share session, the MOVA team explained how their project links Web Monetisation with Open Video. The team also demonstrated for the first time two developments, a multi-step, multi-payee revenue sharing system and a a proposed decentralised registry of video fingerprints, matched with Payment Pointers, and other metadata such as Creative Commons license.

You can watch Nic and the MOVA team’s session here

About MOVA
MOVA (Monetising Open Video Assets) builds on the Payment Pointer accounts at the heart of Web Monetization to register a video file with a pointer, and then distribute income received to it with the right people in the right order.

New Year, New Community Call

GftW Awardee Kult's Patrick Rahy & Helena Tude
hosted our first Community Call of the new year.

Patrick and Helena discussed how they are already implementing Web Monetization on Kult as well as future possibilities for this amazing technology on the platform. offers a space to share, discover, and save books, movies, TV series, songs, and podcasts, while monetizing content curators with micropayments via Web Monetization/Interledger Protocol.

Click here to watch Kult’s Community Call

About Kult
Kult is a network-based platform for culture & entertainment content curation supported by a community-rewarding system. We believe that human curation is the best way to discover and promote amazing content online. We give voice to people instead of letting algorithms decide what is worth our time.

MozFest Community Call and The Grand Experiment

The Grant for the Web Program Team Chris & Erika, with help from awardees Erica Hargreave of StoryToGo and Gradual's Philo & Gunnar hosted the MozFest Edition Community Call.

This was a great opportunity to learn about the Grand MozFest Web Monetization Experiment, how to participate in the tipping beta, how you can make sure your content and projects can participate and be available for tips from MozFest Participants, and how to help advocate and talk to others about Web Monetization and your projects.

To learn more MozFest, click the link to watch this session

MozFest is fully virtual this year, and all ticket holders (last year there were 10,000+) will be given a free Coil account, prepopulated with $10 USD of credits that can be used to stream micropayments and to tip single amounts. Our aim is to use these peer-to-peer payments across the festival to introduce attendees to Interledger and Web Monetization technology while supporting resources benefitting the free and open web.

Gradual Community Call

Coming off MozFest, GftW awardees Philo van Kemenade & Gunnar de Jong, the team behind Gradual: a tool for connected community learning hosted our March Community Call.

Gunnar and Philo introduced Gradual and shared why they believe social learning is so important in a community like ours. Earlier this month, Gradual powered a brand new Emergent Sessions track at MozFest. Gunnar and Philo also shared what they learned and experienced at MozFest.

To hear from the Gradual team, you can view their Community Call here

Free Music Archive Community Call

Hessel van Oorschot and Meghan Laclé of [Free Music Archive. hosted Tuesday’s Community Call.

It was an insightful discussion on how they are creating avenues to empower self-releasing artists and spend time with the participants to share opinions and (our) lessons learned.

Watch Free Music Archive’s session now!

About Free Music Archive
Free Music Archive (FMA) is an iconic, free to access, music portal attracting half a million visitors a day. While artists, netlabels and curators can already release their music under their own terms on FMA we want to push forward: FMA Next will empower creators and curators to engage with their audience, experiment with multiple revenue streams and stay in control of their valuable assets and data.

Upcoming Project Skill Share with Gavin Chait

Join us next Monday, April 25 at 10:00 am EST for the Project Skill Sharing community event hosted by awardee Gavin Chait of Qwyre.

You’ll get to hear from Gavin, scifi author, and developer of, as he shares his experience in developing for monetization, and offers guidance and thoughts on how to integrate the APIs into your own mobile project. Also, learn about African science fiction, and share a coffee during this event.

To register for this event go to:

About Qwyre
Qwyre is a collaborative publishing platform, allowing authors to earn streaming micropayments as people read their work. And we can do this because of Web Monetization.

To register for this event go to:

I hope you'll join us next week. We will continue to bring you future community engagements opportunities, stay tuned!

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