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This week...your Weekly Round-up!

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This week we leap, bound and launch into Web Monetization highlighting David Lockie’s new WordPress, NFT issues & solutions, MindLeaps, Mozilla and a plethora of grant reports...

GftW Ambassador David Lockie's WordPress & Web Monetization content series is now live!

David shares his new content series, you can check it out here

In the content series David covers everything from introducing Web Monetization, why it's such a strong fit for WordPress users through to the practicalities of how to using Web Monetization within a WordPress site.

GftW awardee Janos Farkas to give talk on NFT Issues and Solutions Oct. 12

I am excited to let the community know that I will be giving a talk on "NFT Issues and Solutions" at JPEG NFT Workshop on October 12. See announcement at 2nd JPEG NFT Workshop Announcement

We will introduce the Marketplace we are working on and touch on our target payment system which will be ILP (Rafiki).
Update: The announcement now includes the Zoom link. Hope some of you can make it.

Mozilla Rally: Use your data for change

Erika Drushka of Grant for the Web shares Mozilla has launched Rally an interesting new initiative allowing you to "donate your data" by contributing browsing data to specific research studies, while consenting at a granular level.

One of the studies, Beyond the Paywall, examines the news economy, the impact of ads as newspapers migrate their focus to the internet, and which alternative funding models for local journalism may be feasible.

To participate, you need to use Firefox, reside in the United States, and be age 19 and older.
Learn more at

Ballet Rising Introduces MindLeaps

Casey Herd shares with us collaboration with MindLeaps. Recently Ballet Rising met up with a few leaders from an amazing organization called MindLeaps to highlight their incredible work.

MindLeaps uses dance to develop the cognitive skills and social-emotional learning of at-risk youth to ensure that they can succeed in school, enter the workplace and leap forward in life.

Reports, Reports, Reports, Grantees share their progress

Ashvin Parameswaran of reports...our project is progressing really well. Especially on the technical front, we have created a text-based education platform that feels intuitive and immersive. Some of our Web Monetization ideas have also been implemented without any difficulty. We are right in the middle of our build with some quality control and further feature improvements left for the platform.

Read Ashvin's full report here:

Tim Astley of Lowering Legal Friction reports….We have made good progress on drafting the core suite of legal documents, having completed working versions of the website terms of use, consumer terms, record of data processing and privacy notice, together with text for the associated website and contract selection tooling.

You can read more about project here...

Tadej Štrok of New Day details the project is progressing fairly well. We have been doing a lot of research and planning in order to set up everything needed for the second phase that will focus on launching and marketing the New Day platform. We experienced some challenges regarding the plan and method of technical implementation of the ILP and the decision as to which ledger to use for keeping track of transactions as well as some communication hurdles...

For more on New Day, you can read Tadej's full report below.

IGDAF & COMPOST wrap up their projects and share final reports

Nika Nour shares IGDAF's final report. The IGDA Foundation, a diversity and inclusion focused video game non-profit, aims to support underrepresented entrepreneurs seeking access and resources for individuals and independent teams on a global scale. Through this partnership, we developed the Diverse Game Developers Fund, a three-part initiative dedicated to empowering and funding marginalized developers and students in the games industry.

You can read more of Nika's final report here.

Udit Vera of COMPOST shares the growth in their final report. Hi everyone! We're from COMPOST magazine. We're wrapping up our Grant for the Web grant in the creative catalyst track. Short for the "commons post," COMPOST is a magazine that publishes creative works reflecting on the web as a digital commons. It's an intimate publication that covers stories about people building the web as shared resources. Our grant enabled us to launch and publish two issues of the magazine. Issue 01, Fertile Grounds, came out in March. And Issue 02, Inoculate, came out a couple weeks ago, in September.

Udit's wraps up the project here...

Thank you to Nika & Udit for being Grant for the Web Grantees, it's been great having you both be apart of our Community!

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Stay tuned for more updates next week.


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