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Weekly Round-Up Post! (March, 5th 2021)

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MozFest: Arrive with an idea, leave with a community

We are shamelessly going to kick it off with some self-promotion! We are planning our activities for Mozilla's annual open web festival, MozFest. We need all of you to create Expo Booths about your work and tag them with #mozfest. Use these instructions and template and read about all our Mozfest plans here.

And now for an example!

gFam Live is first out of the gate creating a MozFest demo post! Nice work team and thank you. Use this post for your inspiration. Also, check out the comments to the post as a good convo is shaping up about the pains and gains of launching a new social media platform.

Can Web Monetization be a source of empowerment

Ushahidi asks some important questions and starts to detail their plan to answer them. "Content" can mean many things and the quicker we talk more specifically than broadly the sooner we can better understand what WM might unlock.

Community as a data collection engine

The Akita extensions are live on Chrome and Edge. This is a must-have browser extension for people wanting to learn more about their habits and practices with WM. So add the extensions and then take the survey to give them feedback.

Community as a data collection engine Part II

Please take a moment and fill this out so that our collective knowledge can grow.

Find your Zen

We love the mindfulness of how Pamela thinks about her work and the possibilities for how WM might help practitioners like herself grow her community and help people in the process.

Prototyping TREBLE

This is a fantastic walkthrough of the development process for a new Web Monetized streaming music service called TREBLE. Victoria does a fantastic job walking you through the problem she sees, her solution, and her design process.

Header image: Photo by Mozilla Festival on Flickr

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