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Your Weekly Roundup

We've got another round of highlights from our growing community! This week, valuable web monetization tips from Erica Hargreave, 2 GftW awardees launch their projects, a cool game to play, discussions, grant reports and community events.

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Get your Web Monetization tips here

Erica Hargreave shares more valuable tips for Educating Your Community About Web Monetization Series' Articles.

Head over to the Erica's series Educating Your Community About Web Monetization Series' Articles to read about these great tips.

Hostbeak Kreators and ProgNovel launch their webistes

Ogoluwa Ojewale of HostBeak Kreators project is happy to share...

After so much planning, the Hostbeak Kreators Project website is finally LIVE and we have started accepting entries! πŸš€πŸš€ We will help African creators with personalized websites, their preferred domain name, web hosting and the ability to monetize their content on the web all for FREE!

Radhy Ramadhan of ProgNovel shares…..

After a nearly six months with Grant for the Web my project ProgNovel is finally live! πŸš€ I'm expecting for an official launch around 10~15 December. For now, feel free to look around and let me know if there's anything that interest you._

It's game time, play Titled Tables

Created by GftW awardee James Casia for The Web Monetization Challenge 2020 hosted by the Defold Foundation.

Tilted Tables is a fun and colorful puzzle game wherein you have to tilt a table to let the block escape!

Grant Reports

filomenaslovak shares project struggles in this progress report.

> I started hoping to facilitate empowering community where the creators could share their learning journeys. I have struggled until this report's deadline to figure out how I could do it. I started Eduforem, where I hoped to build the community. The struggle was fivefold. First, I groped for the way to remunerate the co-creators fairly. Second, I took too large a scope - learning anything. Third, I doubted the sustainability of Eduforem beyond the grant and did not want to get people there and close it shortly. Fourth, I did not know how to get around compulsory GitHub email collection. Finally, I ran into a chicken and egg problem - if I opened it and the platform would be of little content, it would be unattractive for people. Thus they would not come. Therefore, there would be fewer postings.

Robert Friedman of project Storage to the People delivers final product

> We are very pleased to announce the completion of our Grant for the Web project to apply the web monetization framework to the data storage use case. Our final product for this funded project was a plugin to Etherpad that allows a user to seamlessly save a version of their pad to a participating data storage provider if they have Coil running in their browser. is the initial participating data storage provider for the purpose of this grant.

What resonates with you?

Chris Lawrence posted this discussion

> So we are opening up a discussion thread to get your reaction, ideas and examples on this important topic. Comment below!

Let us know what resonates with you with in the Web Monetization ecosystem and remember to leave a comment!

Upcoming Grant for the Web Community Events

Join Us on December 14 for the screening of GftW awardee Brett Gaylor’s documentary Discriminator

To attend, register for screening here

And don’t forget MOVA’s Skill Share December 15th!

To attend this event, please register here

See you next week!

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Thank you for sharing!