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Show Me the Money! - Community Tip #5 on Educating Others About Web Monetization

Education of our communities is key to the adoption of the Web Monetization Standard and to an appreciation / understanding as to why one would support content creators through Web Monetization. To help the Web Monetization Community, and past, present and future Web Monetization projects with educating their communities on the Web Monetization Standard, we've created this series, entitled Educating Your Community About Web Monetization.

Visit the links to the series above to explore pain points and community tips to educating others about Web Monetization.

Community Tip #5 on Educating Others on Web Monetization

Show Me the Money!

While there are many factors that lead to how much one can make with Web Monetization, people get excited and sparked to action by seeing what's possible, which is why Cinnamon's Web Monetization calculator is so clever.

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You can also find examples of what people are making from Web Monetization in this Web Monetization Community discussion sparked by Chris Lawrence:

As these numbers are changing over time and dependent on where people share their posts, we encourage people to start up their own such threads in the community and further ask after where people are sharing their content to attract Web Monetization readers.

So What's Your Story So Far?

How much have you made from Web Monetization so far? Where are you sharing your content to attract Web Monetization readers? Share with us in the comments below.

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