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Language Matters - Community Tip #1 on Educating Others About Web Monetization

With the need for educating others about the Web Monetization Standard being an important part of the adoption of Web Monetization, we've created this series, entitled Educating Your Community About Web Monetization.

To help the Web Monetization Community, and past, present and future Web Monetization projects, we looked to our community to identify the pain / confusion points in educating others about Web Monetization. You can read about those in the first post of this series.

Following which we also explored what is working for others in educating their communities about Web Monetization. Here is the first of those community tips on educating others on Web Monetization.

Community Tip #1 on Educating Others on Web Monetization

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Language Matters

Speak to your community in terms that they understand, thinking about word choices that lend to the positive change that we as a community aim to inspire. Free Music Archive's did some research into this, looking at how others in community are referencing Web Monetization. Discover more in their post, FMA Explores How To Introduce Coil To Users.

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Coil for instance references Coil 'membership', rather than 'subscription'. As with subscriptions we think of monthly payments, whereas with membership we think of benefits and belonging.

Other words that are frequently used in describing Web Monetization include:

  • new way to monetize your work
  • support creators
  • easy to get paid
  • free to monetize
  • privacy protection
  • streaming micropayments instantly
  • freedom of choice in earning in any currency
  • community
  • distraction / ad free
  • exclusive content

The Web Monetization Community also references Web Monetization with a capital W and M, as a way of differentiating the Web Monetization Standard from other ways in which creators monetize digital content.

We particularly love the Artist Rescue Trust's description of Web Monetization as a 'financial fist bump between creators and their audience'.

Share Your Experience

From your experience, what words are most effective for you in explaining Web Monetization to your community? In sharing, please also tells us who your community is (ie. artists, educators, cryptocurrency enthusiasts ...etc).

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