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Use Examples that Resonate - Community Tip #8 on Educating Others About Web Monetization

In order for your community to adopt the Web Monetization Standard and to appreciate and understand as why it is important to support content creators through Web Monetization, education is needed. To help the Web Monetization Community, and past, present and future Web Monetization projects with educating their communities on the Web Monetization Standard, we've created this series, entitled Educating Your Community About Web Monetization.

Visit the links to the series above to explore pain points and community tips to educating others about Web Monetization.

Community Tip #8 on Educating Others About Web Monetization

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Use Examples / Comparisons that Resonate with Your Community

What does your community respond to? What do they already understand that you can use as an analogy when describing Web Monetization?

For Radhy Ramadhan that is Medium. While not a perfect correlation, it helps to explain how Web Monetization works and why one should contribute to content creators.

With MG.Social their focus is on highlighting the current injustices of traditional social media, and how this can be changed for creators through Web Monetization.

In terms of Artist Rescue Trust, they hit on key points of contention for artists in past ways of monetizing their work that either involved gatekeepers, high distribution costs, or cluttered their art with advertisements.

Web Monetization is creating a healthier internet and personal income.

The internet is broken. We believe that a healthy internet needs openness and opportunity, and that it cannot be built on the backs of individuals' security and privacy. As part of a grant we received from Grant for the Web we are doing our part to help change this. Grant for the Web's mission is to spark a healthier internet built on open standards, giving people more independence and control over how they distribute and monetize content, and generating better business models for the web. They are doing through an open technology called Web Monetization and we want to teach you all about it.

We envision a world where it's possible for creators and artists to get paid for their work without relying on invasive ads, paywalls and the abuse of personal data. Web Monetization can make this possible.

What Examples Resonate with Your Community?

What is that analogy for your community? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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