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Ayesha Ware for Grant for the Web

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Your Weekly Roundup

We are back with another round! This week, using WordPress & Web Monetization, Erica Hargreave wants you to share your stories, and assets, projects are live, grant reports, and get ready for our next community event!

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The Community Tips keep coming

Erica Hargreave writes...

Rather than simply telling people what Web Monetization is, share a story that illustrates the potential of Web Monetization. Stories tend to stick in our minds, capture our attention, and inspire us to take action.

Do you have a Web Monetization Story that you like to share when explaining what Web Monetization is or have you heard one shared by someone else that we haven't listed above? If so, we'd love it if you'd share it with us in the comments below, so as to inspire others among us here.

Got Assets?

Radhy shares

We're in short for related assets we can use to promote Web Monetization. We've got tons of open assets and illustrations on the internet, but still not many related to Web Monetization. So plus point if you can help bringing assets that's helpful in helping us market Web Monetization to future users!

If you have any assets to share, leave a comment on Radhy's post.

Using WordPress & WM?

David Lockie shares this content series from his WordPress ambassadorship. You can also read more here:

Keep those Web Monetization resources coming!

Projects are rocking and rolling

James Casia updates us on his project Fliptoons... is now live! Well, Fliptoons went live last November 3 but we didn't feel that it was good enough to share here. Back then, there was still a ton of bugs to fix and features not implemented.

Today marks the day we're finally done with most of the code work!! It sure is difficult shuffling school work(good thing we're on our last year) with building Fliptoons and maintaining our community but we were able to get through all of it. We're quite happy with the results and feedback we're getting from readers and comic creators. We are at 200 unique users, and 25 comic uploads and counting!

Jemima Gibbons launches Design Club: Reboot Coil campaign

We're close to wrapping up our project - Design Club: Reboot. Before we go, we're sharing some Coil love with our community.

Back in July, we asked How can we best market Coil to our distracted, busy, creative community? We still don't have the answer. But we do know that the people we connect with care about our mission (inspiring the next generation of design thinkers). is live

Xander Jake de los Santos shares

Our project is live! A Web Monetized art platform where artists share their work in progress (wips) in a post. If they choose to monetize a post, only web monetized users can view all updates.

We're always excited to see the progress on your projects, keep sharing!

Grant Reports are back in effect!

Lola Wood of The Black Artist Collective shares Art of Influence β€” Grant Report #1

The Black Artist Collective has engaged a team from Bishop Gallery in Brooklyn to curate an exhibition of black artists who focus on activism as a core theme to their work. Additionally, we have started to build artist studios, housing work that is not a part of the exhibition as well as video content to further engage website visitors.

Juha Viitala for Web Monetized Multimedia shares Final Report #2

Micropayments and actual pay-per-use have been the β€œholy grail” of web monetization during the last decade. We have been thrilled to contribute our part in trying to solve this problem, or at least evaluate some aspects of the ecosystem that one day could make this a mainstream use case.

Dev-our for Content on Moja WiFi in Africa shares Final Report

From June to September 2021, we offered our users premium exclusive content sourced from local content creators that was monetized through our existing Moja premium content model. In the interim report we highlighted challenges in finding a wallet that served the unbanked, who form a significant portion of our user base. This prohibited the use of Coil for this pilot and led to changing our approach from driving uptake of Web-Monetization subscriptions to testing POC for Web monetization to creatives in emerging markets who are largely unfamiliar with the idea, but want to find new ways to earn through their content. Once the pilot was underway, we encountered another challenge in transferring earned Ripple from Moja’s wallet to the creatives’ individual wallets at the end of each month.

Thank you Lola, Juha and Dev-our for sharing your reports.

Upcoming Grant for the Web Community Events

Join us for the next Skill Share community event hosted with awardee Nic Wistreich of MOVA ( on Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

To attend this event, please register here: (

We hope to see you there!

We'll be back next week with more in Web Monetization

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