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Your Weekly Roundup

2022 will be a year of growth in the Web Monetization Community. Our goal is to continue bringing this community together through shared support of ideas, creativity and innovation. This week more community tips, a new year resolution, grant reports and a recap of 2021.

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Community Tips #10 and #11

Erica Hargreave continues to provide valuable tips on memberships benefits and community built resources...

People like to know what they are getting for their membership. For this reason, Web Monetization tools like Coil and the Puma Browser have highlighted the perks of a Web Monetization membership, including:

There is no need to perpetually rebuild the wheel. Rather look at what Web Monetization education resources already exist in the community and re-use, re-mix, adapt, and build upon what has already been built. If and when this involves the creation of new educational tools, share them with the Web Monetization Community....

What's your New Year Resolution

Radhy Ramadhan wants to know...

Got any projects or plans for Web Monetization (or Interledger or Grant for the Web) you must do in 2022?

Head over to the thread and leave a comment!

Mural introduces new compatible multimedia artworks

Douglas Arellanes shares...

The Mural team has completed our "Web Monetization and the Arts" project, and the first part of the project has just gone live. As part of our project, we commissioned five leading artists to create new multimedia artwork using the new Mural 2 software (also part of the project). The artworks are thought-provoking, inspiring and contemplative, and they all support web monetization using Coil's "100+20" approach.

You can view the Mural Artist Commissions here

Grant Reports jumpstart 2022

Ciaran of project Interruptor offer bonus features to users in Grant Report #1

While we were held back initially by some classically difficult Portuguese bureaucracy, we're making good progress with our project, especially tech-wise.
Something that's important to us at Interruptor is that we don't block content behind a paywall, so we're instead providing bonus features to people who support us by using web monetization.

Gavin Chait of project Qwyre monetizes digital works in Grant Report #1

Web Monetization is a per-second payment stream and it requires a per-second product. Some things are naturals for this, and they're usually live or where the digital service is tightly linked to a platform. Text isn't normally streamed, but music and movies can easily be downloaded as well.

Jemima Gibbons of project Design Club: Reboot teaches design thinking to children in final report

Our Design Club: Reboot project came to an end last month, after two years. Starting in October 2020, the $15,000 funding we received from Grant for the Web has proved invaluable - it’s been crucial in helping us develop a hybrid model for inspiring the next generation of design thinkers.
The global pandemic forced us to question and reassess our entire operational model, from mentor onboarding and recruitment to club delivery and user experience. Design Club: Reboot has done exactly what it said on the tin - enabling us to redesign our resources, review our processes, re-engage with children and schools, and reinvigorate our mentor community.

Douglas Arellanes monetizes art in Final Report

The β€œWeb monetization in the arts” project explored ways web monetization can be put to work among visual artists and visual storytellers. This involved adding support for web monetization to our Mural software and its dependencies, as well as outreach to arts communities.

Joep Meindertsma of project Web Monetization for Solid based Data Spaces write about the challenges of existing wallet implementations in Grant Report #2

In our previous report, we shared a bit of our struggle. When we saw the Grant for the Web for the first time, we had the idea of using Interledger to facilitate transactions for data. We wanted users to be able to set a price for any arbitrary digital resource, and use payment pointers to handle the transaction. We basically learned that the things that we wanted to do with Interledger were not yet possible using the existing wallet implementations, since these focused on streaming payments, and not one-off payments.

Cassie Tarakajian of project p5.js Editor discusses the urgency of monetizing the p5.js Editor in Final Report

The granting period is now over, and a lot of work has happened to wrap up this project. We were able to post our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as follow all other GDPR guidelines. We also hired a designer to create the subscription screens and user flows. We fixed more infrastructure security work.
In the last progress report, I wrote about the challenge of communicating about the subscription model. Since then, I have met with community members and colleagues to obtain support and start a communication plan.
In recent months, the Foundation has received a number of very large donations from a 20th anniversary fundraiser that shifted the urgency of monetizing the p5.js Editor. Along with the rest of the team, I made the decision to delay this project and shift priorities. The grant period allowed me to conduct all of the foundational research necessary for future implementation. Monetization of the Editor, grants, and donations allows for our team to create a sustainable, diversified funding and development model. The biggest thing I learned is how much infrastructure it takes to monetize a web application, and how much it changes the perception of an open source tool.

Many thanks to Douglas, Joep, Jemima, and Cassie for being Grant for the Web awardees, we look forward to hearing about your continued work in Web Monetization.

A look back at 2021

Chris Lawrence of Grant for the Web shares what we've accomplished over the past year

2021 has been a year of attentive observation and thoughtful recalibration at Grant for the Web. As funded projects from our earliest cohorts matured and went to market, it was fascinating to watch the network effects spread into an open payments ecosystem. Connections in the Web Monetization Community flourished and we welcomed newcomers into our community and helped them thrive.

Stay tuned for details on our next Community Call and other announcements!

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