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Your Weekly Roundup!

Happy Friday! This week a podcast episode with Hessel Oorschot, MOVA, Rafiki, grant reports and an upcoming community call with Kult.

Open Minds Podcast: Hessel van Oorschot of Tribe of Noise & Free Music Archive

In this episode, CC’s Ony Anukem sits down for a conversation with Hessel van Oorschot, founder and β€œChief of Noise” of the online music business Tribe of Noise. Tribe of Noise is a music community that connects artists, fans, and professionals. Founded in 2008 in The Netherlands, its main objective is to create fair and sustainable business opportunities for talented artists.

Head over to Hessel’s post to find out where you can listen.

Recording of the MOVA (Monetizing Open Video Assets) Community Skill Share

Posted by Chris Lawrence

MOVA (Monetising Open Video Assets) discusses how they build on the Payment Pointer accounts at the heart of Web Monetization to register a video file with a pointer, and then distribute income received to it with the right people in the right order.

Rafiki: What is it?

Posted by Uchi Uchibeke

Hi friends, happy new year!

I know you might have heard about Rafiki or maybe it's new to you. But what is it?

Click on the link to read more about Rafiki.

Grant Reports

HostBeak Kreators Grant Report #1

Ogoluwa Ojewale shares progress on project HostBeak Kreators

Hello everyone πŸ‘‹,

We are so excited to share what we have done so far. It's been months working to bring to life this project Hostbeak Kreators with the simple goal to empower 1,000 Africans towards Web Monetization.

One of the first things we did was build a solid brand around the project and an attractive website which we imagined any site visitor would hope they fit the criteria to apply:

Then we also decided to make a short compelling video explaining the details of the program:

We received entries from 27 African countries namely:
Angola, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Senegal, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Benin, Liberia, Somalia, Burundi, Gambia, South Sudan, Eritrea, Zambia, Rwanda, Chad, Namibia, Central African Republic, and Burkina Faso.

OpenSpeaks β€” Interim Grant Report #1

Subhashish P. for project [OpenSpeaks] writes about the impact of a new technology's growth in India

As Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is gaining popularity in the larger web content sector, we have been studying what its expected impact would be for many indigenous communities in India. As we started working on the project to understand whether it would help promote open and distributed user freedom, and lead to a expansive access to information and fair content monetization.

We focused on two Adivasi (indigenous) languages from India -- Ho and Santali for our work. We brought onboard two community members -- Ganesh Birua and Prasanta Hembram -- to lead the research on the web content ecosystems. Ganesh and Prasanta also happen to be content creators in Ho and Santali respectively.

They both created a long list of hypothesis by touch-basing the socioeconomic, educational, business and geopolitical issues related to their own languages. We conducted an online sprint to help ourselves with anticipation of content creators and created a list of "how might we..." questions. We also studied existing literature to check the hypothesis.

Reductress Grant Report

Sarah Pappalardo of project Reductress to fully launch new Members Only section

Whew, what a project! We're so excited to fully launch our new and ever-growing "Members Only" section, designed for our most devoted readers who join Coil and subscribe to Reductress to engage with our content in a totally new way. For nearly 8 years, readers have only been able to engage with our content based on what's most recent, specifically searched for, or what we share on social media. But we've created a section where our editors can curate content based on authors, tags, and even exclusive content just for our subscribers, with the ability to upvote/downvote headlines so that you'll see our most popular stuff, as well as our deep cuts. This, to us, is just a jumping off point for a larger, bigger experience for our fans, and we're so excited to finally get it out into the world.

Immersive Payments Final Report

Rabimba Karanjai brings project Immersive Payments discusses highs and lows in final report

This project was a roller coaster of struggles to get things done on time and keeping in line with the goal.

First an update to what we have achieved:

Enabling Integration and First Prototype: The first experiment ensures that VR assets can be run in a WebVR environment. As it turns out it is relatively simple to enable web monetization in a simple webvr page and host it. And it's also fairly easy to add conditional's to the page too.

Or we can have a whole scene hidden. As you can see in tis demo:

Enabling it in a WebAR environment: Using the same concept this can be enabled in an Augmented Reality Environment. The same glitch code detects when it is in an Augmented Reality environment instead of a VR environment and can enable monetization for those elements.


This concept is dependent on the coil extension. And for mobile devices even though Firefox is there and has add-on support. It still doesn't support all add-ons, notably, it doesn't support Coil. So any content that is made available part of Augmented Reality will be locked down in mobile devices. Unless we specifically determine the device and unlock that content. Doing that client-side opens up the concept for attacks on desktop devices to unlock content too.

Upcoming Community Call with Kult

We’re excited to continue our monthly series of community engagements and are pleased to invite you to our next Community Call! on Thursday, January 27th at 3:00 pm UTC hosted by GftW Awardee Kult's Patrick Rahy & Helena Tude.

Patrick will host this Community Call with the help of Helena Tude, also of Kult, to discuss how they are already implementing Web Monetization on Kult as well as future possibilities for this amazing technology on the platform. offers a space to share, discover, and save books, movies, TV series, songs, and podcasts, while monetizing content curators with micropayments via Web Monetization/Interledger Protocol.

If you would like to participate, you can register here:

Header Image by Metsik Garden from Pixabay

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