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Here’s the roundup of all the great stuff happening with our ILF team and community!

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ILP Summit 2024

Join the Open Payments movement where a global community of changemakers are reimagining the future of digital financial systems. Explore the ways in which we can strengthen the UN initiative towards healthier digital public infrastructure (DPI), creating a more responsible financial ecosystem. Be part of sparking new collaborations that expand the adoption of Open Payments through Interledger and increase economic participation for communities around the world.


Our official Summit will kick off on Oct 26 with the Interledger Innovation Exhibition, followed by a dynamic schedule of inspiring speakers, engaging sessions, and our legendary Summit party. We also welcome you to join us for our pre-Summit activities including a Community Open House on October 25th and an ILP Hackathon on October 19th and 20th.

Get your tickets today! Reserve your spot here.

New ILF Grant Opportunity for builders and advocates

Interledger Foundation seeks to nurture a talent pipeline of builders and advocates for inclusive digital financial systems by collaborating with educational institutions to inspire future leaders. We aim to adequately prepare tomorrow’s open-source, open-payment, and digital financial inclusion workforce. To do this, we are looking for educators in higher education institutions to build campus and classroom programs that expose students to emerging open payment technologies with the potential to disrupt the economic landscape.

Visit our Education page to learn more about the Next-Gen Higher Education Grant and the work done by pilot initiatives with Bowie State University and the University of Cape Town.

Digital Money Blog Series Continues

Julaire Hall shares another installment in her series on the impacts of digital money…

Digitalization has changed the delivery patterns of financial services all over the world. There has even been a greater push for digitalization and emerging technologies to innovate the financial ecosystem to bridge the gap between underserved populations and conventional financial services. Its importance has caught on at a global level and has been cemented as a driving force and pathway to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

You can read the full blog post at the link above.

Good news from ILF Fellow Ayden Ferdeline

Ayden writes…

I’m pleased to share that the IGF Secretariat has now recognized and permitted the formation of the Dynamic Coalition on Digital Financial Inclusion, which is dedicated to bridging the gap between financial technologies, financial institutions, and the significant portion of the global population that remains unbanked or underbanked.

For more on Ayden’s work, you can read this post in its entirety at the link above.

Community Updates

Enclave Games is still moving and grooving but with some changes, Andrzej Mazur says..

Learning the truth that the only constant is change is the most annoying thing someone with a solid plan can experience. Bonus points if you’re in the autism spectrum and hate any changes to your plan whatsoever.

Bowie State University student Felicia Ilori highlights her experience as a beneficiary of the student research scholar award from Interledger..

As a beneficiary of the student research scholar award from Interledger, I had the incredible opportunity to research alongside my professor, Dr. Andrew Mangle. Through some exciting pivots, we explored three captivating topics aimed at enhancing community engagement, advancing financial inclusion, and uncovering career opportunities in Open Payment.

Click the links above to read their posts.

Updates from Interledger

Rafiki Update

Web Monetization Update

Interledger Community Call Recap

Listen to the latest Future Money Podcast episodes

And special thanks to Chiara for taking over last month’s roundup, great job!

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See ya’ll next month!

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